Sub Focus: I've DJ'd around the world - but weddings are the biggest challenges

Adaptive: Sub Focus, real name Nick Douwma
Adaptive: Sub Focus, real name Nick Douwma

Sub Focus has travelled the world winning over fans at gigs and festivals – but he said his biggest challenge is DJ’ing at weddings.

The DJ and music producer, real name Nick Douwma, said his friends often ask him to hit the decks at their nuptials, something he described as a “challenge”.

“It’s actually really hard to play at a wedding,” he told the Standard. “If you’re playing underground dance music you know what people want to hear, whereas something like a wedding you’re playing to a massive mix of ages.

“You can play any song, and I have been known to [play Michael Jackson], but when you play in a dance music world there is a certain palette of tracks you’re picking from. I like that challenge [but] obviously I don’t have a regular side line as a wedding DJ.”

Challenging: Douwma joked his sideline is DJ'ing at weddings
Challenging: Douwma joked his sideline is DJ'ing at weddings

Douwma – who is playing Notion Magazine’s Summer Party alongside Clean Bandit and Duke Dumont tonight – also revealed he is working on a “bigger body of music” as well as “collaborative side projects.”

He said: “I’m doing a lot of collaborative stuff with other singers and producers which is nice for me because I’ve always worked solo mainly so its cool to have other people in the studio to bounce off. Makes the process more enjoyable.”

Asked if he gets lonely on stage, he replied: “[I don’t get lonely on stage] because you’re playing to a bunch of people. I've got a lot of friends who are in duos and trios and I do sometimes envy people in that position because its nice to have people to share the crazy experience with.

“I can definitely see the pros of being in a large group. The good thing is I get complete control over what im doing which is something I've got really used to.”

Notion Magazine’s Summer Party is tonight at York Hall, Bethnal Green. For more info, check out Dice FM.