'Succession' season 3: Kendall and Cousin Greg deal with Logan fallout in first look clip

Succession (Sky)
Succession season 3 (Sky)

Succession season 3 wastes no time in throwing viewers right back into the action with Kendall Roy having to think fast on his feet.

After throwing his father Logan (Brian Cox) under the bus and exposing his wrongdoings at a press conference during the season two finale, a first look clip has revealed the new episodes pick up in the immediate aftermath.

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Kendall, played by Jeremy Strong, is joined by Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun) and PR expert Karolina (Dagmara Dominczyk) as they rush to get away from the big event.

Fighting their way through a crowd of journalists and photographers, the trio are bombarded as they make their way to the car.

Despite all the questioning, Kendall remains silent, though a panicked Greg speaks for them all by desperately repeating “no comment”, despite Karolina telling him is isn’t necessary.

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Once they’ve made it to their car, the three regroup, figuring out their next move after effectively blowing up their positions at Waystar Royco.

Keen to get Karolina on side, Kendall asks her: “Are you with me, yes or no?”

On 'Succession', likeable characters, and the scope of a series
Kendall goes up against Logan in season three (HBO)

Karolina is being far more pragmatic than her boss though, telling him that despite his intentions to remain with Waystar Royco, it’s not the best idea considering he’s violated a number of his duties by getting Logan in trouble.

“I need a sealed unit here, Karolina. I need a clean jar,” he tells her. “So are you in with this f**ing revolution?”

Admitting she’s enjoying the thrill of this new complication, she hesitates about fully committing, asking why he decided to pull the rug out from everyone in the middle of a packed press conference.

Asking Greg if he knew of Kendall’s plan, the bumbling relative insists that he didn’t, but was interested in hearing more about the plan.

“This is a fork in your life Karolina,” Kendall tells her. “This is your righteous vehicle.”

On 'Succession', likeable characters, and the scope of a series
The Roy family is set to be divided in the new season as the fight for Waystar Royco rumbles on (HBO)

At the press conference, Kendall was initially meant to take the fall for Logan as a ‘blood sacrifice’ in the name of the family.

Due to a series of shady misgivings coming to light, Logan had gathered his children to ask one of them to take the fall, so his slate remains clean in the eyes of investors.

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While approval-hungry Kendall initially stepped up, a heart-to-heart with his father revealed to him that Logan had no intention of ever allowing him to take over the company.

In a stinging take, he said that Kendall lacked the killer instinct needed to succeed.

Succession Season 3 returns to Sky Atlantic and NOW from 2am on 18 October, 2021.

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