Succession teases a ‘rebel alliance’ in season four trailer

“I’m a hundred feet tall. These people are pygmies,” Logan Roy (Brian Cox) says in the newly released teaser trailer for Succession’s fourth season.

The footage, released by HBO and Sky on Monday (24 October), announced a spring 2023 release date for the forthcoming series.

The teaser initially aired ahead of the House of the Dragon season finale in the US on Sunday (23 October) night.

The new clip shows a “rebel alliance” between the Roy kids; Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin).

“New-gen Roys,” Kendall says, “we have a song to sing.”

The teaser concludes with Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) asking Shiv: “Do you want to talk about what happened?”

At the end of the last season, it was implied that Tom betrays Shiv and her siblings by telling Logan about their plan to stop the sale of Waystar Royco.

The official logline for season four reads: “The sale of media conglomerate Waystar Royco to tech visionary Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) moves ever closer.

“The prospect of this seismic sale provokes existential angst and familial division among the Roys as they anticipate what their lives will look like once the deal is completed. A power struggle ensues as the family weighs up a future where their cultural and political weight is severely curtailed.”

Succession won three awards at this year’s Emmys: Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Matthew Macfadyen), Best Writing for a Drama Series and Outstanding Drama Series.

The show’s writer Jesse Armstrong drew audible winces from the awards ceremony crowd over his comments about King Charles III.

“Big week for successions,” he said on stage. “New King in the UK, this for us. Evidently a little bit more voting for us than Prince Charles. I’m not saying we’re more legitimate in our position than he is, we’ll leave that to other people.”