Sue Radford supported by fans after grandchild undergoes hospital blood tests

Sue Radford has been supported by fans after revealing that her two-year-old grandson has been undergoing blood tests.

Chester, who is the second child of Millie and her fiancé Harley Passmore, visited the hospital this week. It follows separate blood tests carried out several months ago which Sue said indicated 'he was anaemic and his blood count was a little bit lower'.

The mum-of-22 took to Facebook on Friday (May 3) with a video for their 881,000 followers. It showed the 22 Kids and Counting star waiting in the car with Millie's daughter three-year-old daughter Ophelia.


Speaking on the video, Sue said: "Well, Millie has just gone in to take Chester. So I don't know how long we'll be sitting in the car for, but probably a while because we don't know if Chester's having his bloods repeated or not.

"A few months ago he had some bloods done, like a full blood count and things like that. And it showed that I think he was anaemic and his blood count was a little bit lower.

"So we're not sure if it's a follow up for that and they're going to do more bloods or what. Millie's not sure so we shall see."

A short time later, Sue said: "Well, Millie has just text me to say that she's got to wait about 15 minutes for the cream to work on Chester's hand. So obviously definitely he's having some bloods done."

The video then cut to Sue at home in Morecambe. She said: "So the woman at the hospital said that she thinks Chester has got a blood clotting disorder, or something like that, so they're going to ring her today because apparently it's in-house bloods or something so she should have the results back today."

Fans rushed to comment on the video post. One said: "Sending lots of love to Chester" while another wrote: ""I hope Chester will be okay sending hugs".

A third said: "Aww I hope little Chester is okay it's horrible wen your little ones have to have there bloods taken ..bless the poor little boy". Another penned: "Hope they find out why Chester is anaemic, bless I'm , hope he is going to be ok"