Sunworshippers' hilarious reactions to Countdown word of day 'beeking'

Chloe Chaplain
Countdown: Susie dent shared the word on Twitter: Twitter

Sunseekers have reacted hilariously to Countdown’s Susie Dent after she revealed her word for the day was the rather unusual “beeking”.

The wordsmith shared today’s special word on Twitter with a nod to the gloriously warm weather most Brits are enjoying this week.

“Word of the day has to be ‘beek’ (1300s): to bask in the sun and give yourself over to the warmth of its rays on your skin,” she wrote.

Her followers reacted delightedly to the term and joked that it could sound like something a little ruder.

“Reading this while beeking in the park,” tweeted Pamela E.

“Well I think we should all just have a jolly good beek together” posted Chris Hansford.

Shona Spurtle said: “Oh I’d beek every day for the rest of my life if I could. Like a beeking seal.”

“I think beeking near a window is illegal in 26 states,” joked Aaron Rathbone.

Chris Wilson added: “Had a band called Beek a few years back, but the name came from a mistyping of ‘been’ in a post on a local music forum.”

Others said they might be “beeking off work” to make the most of the rare sunshine.

Temperatures soared to 28 degrees on Thursday, making it the hottest April day in nearly 70 years.