Super Bowl 2013 ads: BlackBerry, Samsung, Go Pro, Audi, Taco Bell, and more

Hunter Skipworth
Super Bowl 2013 ads: BlackBerry, Samsung, Go Pro, Audi, Taco Bell, and more. Super Bowl, Samsung, Volkswagen 0

Everyone knows the best bit about the Super Bowl is the adverts. Big commercial players often use the Super Bowl - or the Big Game, as it is also known - as a launch platform for their new products.

Big budget adverts are usually commonplace and often a few celebrity names get thrown in for good measure. This year is no exception. We will be updating this feature as the rest of the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII adverts arrive.


Following the big launch of its BlackBerry 10 platform last week, BlackBerry has run a Super Bowl ad to hype its saving grace.


VW is almost legendary for its advertising. Clever eye-catching campaigns have been a staple of the company for a long time. For this year's Super Bowl Volkswagen has taken a fairly different approach to its usual clever and quirky offerings. It might disappoint, it might offend, check below to see VW's Super Bowl advert.


Samsung has thrown a few big names into its Super Bowl advert, namely Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd. Called El Plato Supreme, it draws on the difficulties around actually using the term Super Bowl, thanks to publishing rights. Think of it a bit like the Olympics.

Samsung has now posted the full two minute advert for the Big Game on Sunday night. It's directed byJon Favreau, yes he who directed Iron Man and Swingers. It's rumoured to have cost Samsung $15m just for the air time alone.

Soda Stream

Admittedly this one isn't going to be making its way on to Super Bowl viewing times, but it's brilliant none the less. The advert shows Pepsi and Coke delivery men racing to the supermarket, bottles exploding en route, followed by a man drinking from a Soda Stream. All the while a voiceover explains how many plastic bottles could be saved during SuperBowl if everyone had a Soda Stream.


Mercedes really has gone for the star-studded approach here. Throw in Kate Upton and Willem Defoe, as well as the Mercedes F1 car, and you have plenty to watch. The advert is for the new CLA-Class Mercedes and is meant to show off what might just happen should you own one.


Coke's approach is essentially to make you watch an advert in order to watch an advert. The idea is that a load of desert-dwelling stereotypes are racing towards a giant bottle of Coke. You vote who wins and the extended version will be shown at the end of the Super Bowl.


Adult website Pornhub even had a go at making an advert for the Super Bowl. As you might guess, it won't be airing. But that doesn't stop it from being brilliant. This isn't one we can really describe as it'll ruin the joke.


The idea behind Toyota's ad is pretty simple: The Rav 4 has a genie inside it. You get wishes, they come true - conveniently all in some way involving a new Toyota. Simple and fun.

Go Daddy

Always known for its fun Super Bowl ads, Go Daddy is no exception this year. They certainly chuck everything at you in this one. Don't miss the little Danica Patrick spot at the end either.


Featuring a rather comical selection of things to be driving behind, the idea is that the Turbo on the new Hyundai is justified. We especially like the dogs.


Fiat has four different ads to air during the Super Bowl, most of which revolve around the new 500L. We prefer the slightly raunchier 500 Abarth Cabriolet advert. Wonder why?


Not to be outdone by other manufacturers, Audi has gone for a nice high school twist. Drive to the prom in your Dad's Audi S6 and no matter how geeky you are, the girls will flock to you, we hope.


BlackBerry will be showing an advert during the Super Bowl, so in the meantime they have kept us excited with this picture of a parking enforcement person exploding in a haze of multicoloured smoke. Interesting.


Babies are cute, especially when you strap a GoPro to them:

Star Trek Into Darkness

What do you get when your cross the BBC Sherlock Holmes (Cumberbatch) with the new Star Wars director during a Super Bowl advert? The latest Into Darkness Trailer or course


Oreos isn't a tech brand, but it's a funny advert and interestingly the company has shunned Twitter calling for people to share their excitement via Instagram. Interesting.

Taco Bell

Another non-tech brand advert, but a very funny advert nonetheless for this year's Super Bowl.


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