Surfer's GoPro camera which he lost FIVE YEARS ago has been found buried on a beach - still working!

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A surfer's GoPro camera which was lost when he got wiped out by a huge wave has been found buried on a beach FIVE YEARS later - and amazingly it still works.

Despite being hidden under the sand for more than half a decade, the gadget's SD card was undamaged and shows the moment the camera disappeared under the waves.

The footage shows a group of surfers paddling out on their boards off the coast of Berwick in Northumberland on April 23, 2016.

In the clip, the friends are heard joking about how cold the water is, with the surfer holding the camera say: "Jesus Christ, I'm going to freeze my t*ts off! 

"This is going to go well."

He then paddled out a short distance before a large wave suddenly crashed over the surfer sending him and the camera tumbling into the water.

The camera continues recording underwater for several minutes before eventually going dead.

Incredibly, it was washed up a mile up stream and was found on the banks of the River Tweed this week.

Luke Batchelor, 32, spotted the camera while walking near his home in the town on Wednesday (26/5).

The stone carver has now posted the video on Facebook along with a selfie of a man found on the camera in a bid to reunite it with the surfer.

Luke said: "I was walking along a tidal stretch of the Tweed where there is a lot of mud and things like dog toys get washed up.  

"I saw something right beside the sea and thought it was a bit of rubbish at first.  

"I got closer and saw the cord of the camera that you attach to your body was piled up.  

"I went to pick it up and take it home with me because I didn't want to leave it lying there and I was interested to see if it still worked.  

"It was covered in mud and seaweed, and gunk from where the battery had corroded and leaked.  

"It is tidal there so maybe the high tides from the full moon had washed it all the way up from the beach.

"I thought it was worth a go so I bought a card reader and loaded up the pictures and videos on to my computer.  

"I scrolled to the last recording of the camera dropping down to the bottom of the sea which was dated April 23, 2016. 

"It was beautiful but eerie to see it just sinking to the seabed.

"I scrolled back again and it seemed to show them surfing of Spittal Beach which is a just across the river from where I found it.  

"It shows them setting up and getting into the sea and then the first wave hits the surfer from the side.  

"You can see he goes under and the camera falls off and through the waves to the seabed where it keeps recording for a few minutes.  

"There are hundreds of other videos and pictures of the owner rock climbing and surfing and some were selfies.  

"I wasn't sure if he was local but I put a post on Facebook to see if other people knew who he was.  

"It was amazing I think I had 2,000 views within ten hours. 

"People wanted to help and were as amazed as I was it lasted and survived five years at the bottom of the sea.  

"Personally I hate losing stuff and losing a camera is devastating if you lose the photos as well, so that was why I wanted to return it to him.  

"Someone did tag someone who looked like the person from the photos and he said 'that's weird' but didn't contact me.  

"I'll leave it up to him to come forward.  

"It was really exciting to get it working eventually and I'm pleased I've helped to find him and maybe reunite him with the memories.  

"I found it amazing how it survived so long and was washed up just a mile from where it was lost all those years ago.

"The last video was a bit spooky to watch but the rest of the photos are such high quality it has made me want to get one myself."

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