Susanna Reid embarrasses Labour MP by pointing out Remain sticker on his iPad during Brexit debate

Labour MP Barry Gardiner was left red-faced during an interview on Brexit – after TV presenter Susanna Reid highlighted a Remain campaign sticker on his iPad case.

The shadow international trade secretary was appearing on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday to discuss his party’s position on the single market and customs union.

Labour MP Barry Gardiner had a Remain sticker on his iPad (ITV)

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer is due to say that his party would guarantee the rights of EU citizens living in the UK on day one of taking power without protections in place for Britons in Europe in a speech ahead of June’s general election.

GMB’s Reid said: “Can I just ask how enthusiastic you are about Brexit?”, with Mr Gardiner replying “I voted against it but I am a democrat.”

She then said: “It looks a bit like perhaps a lot of these politicians are dragging their heels, and I’ve just noticed on your iPad … still has a campaigning sticker ‘I’m In’, but we voted out as a country.”

The camera then showed a sticker which had similar branding to the Britain Stronger In Europe campaign.

Speaking about Sir Keir’s speech, Mr Gardiner said: “Good negotiations are conducted in the spirit of goodwill, and the real mistake the Conservative Government has made is they have poisoned the atmosphere in Europe at the moment.

“This would bring into play that goodwill.”

He added: “I think what we are setting out today is a different approach to Brexit and very clearly different from what the Tories have done.

“The Tories’ approach has left Britain more divided and it’s left us more isolated internationally.”