Swarm Of Bees Attacks Couple And Kills Horses

Swarm Of Bees Attacks Couple And Kills Horses

A couple exercising their two miniature horses have been attacked by a swarm of around 30,000 bees, stinging the animals so many times that they died.

Kristen Beauregard, 44, was stung about 200 times and her boyfriend around 50 times as the insects chased and followed them in Pantego in northern Texas.

She said they were sweeping up "piles and piles" of bees and "it was like a bad movie".

Ms Beauregard said everything was normal as she exercised Trump, a Shetland pony, until he started jumping and kicking.

Suddenly, a dark cloud of bees appeared and began stinging both of them. When their attempts to swipe the bees away failed, she jumped into the pool and the pony followed.

She said: "It got all dark, like it was night time, there were so many bees.

"We were trying to stand up in the water, but every time we stuck our heads out for air they would cover us and start stinging us.

"We were trying to breathe and they were stinging us in the face and in the nose."

She escaped into her rental home with the bees flying behind her and crashing into windows, reported the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Horrified, she watched Trump frantically run all over the yard, rubbing against bushes to wipe off the bees and stumbling.

Her boyfriend, whom she declined to identify, called 911 as the bees overwhelmed Trump and a second horse, Chip.

She said firefighters sprayed a foam substance to clear the bees, and dragged the horses to a pasture to be treated by police and paramedics.

Show horse Chip, six, died before a vet arrived, while Trump spent a night at her clinic, but also died.

The bees have also killed five hens, and a beekeeper has disposed of a nearby hive.

The insects are being tested to see whether they are Africanised or "killer" bees, which are a hybrid of the Western and African honeybees.

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