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Sweet souvenir of departing Chancellor Merkel

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This marzipan maker is offering a sweet souvenir for Germans

as Chancellor Angela Merkel prepares to step down after 16 years

Marzipan Merkel heads

ODENWAELDER MARZIPAN CONFECTIONER MANAGER, THOMAS ZUBER: "It's a souvenir for fans, or non-fans of Angela Merkel who is standing down and who has completed her service. And so we hope that the one or other person will put her up somewhere at home."

Odenwaelder Marzipan has been in business for 40 years

While it has machinery for mass production

it’s held onto hand-made marzipan skills

ZUBER: "Mrs. Merkel is a special edition for us. We will be producing some 500 pieces. That's what we planned. We hand made a mold and that is then filled, unlike when we are doing huge lines of designs, and then we make a smaller amount in our manufacturing department.”

The first batch will take the team two days to complete

and comprises eight different making stages

Fans can pick up a piece of Merkel for about 5 euros

while Germany awaits the results of the federal election

ZUBER: "We have made them so that they last for two years, so people can extend Merkel's time for another two years."

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