David Cameron Has Joined Tinder


Sometimes you might see someone on Tinder that you know, but you probably wouldn’t expect to see the Prime Minister on the dating app.

Well, get ready to swipe left (or right if he’s your guilty pleasure) as David Cameron is actually on Tinder.

But, before you accuse him of cheating on Sam Cam, the Tory leader is not actually on there looking for love.

What he IS looking for is your vote - more specifically your vote for ‘In’ in the EU Referendum that takes place on 23 June.


Swipe right: David Cameron is using Tinder to get your vote in the EU Referendum (Tinder)

The idea behind being the PM getting on Tinder is that more people (mainly young people, who are both more likely to be on the app and more likely to vote for In) can be aware of the referendum to decide Britain’s future with Europe.

The deadline to register to vote is just weeks away and with up to 800,000 dropping off the electoral register, Downing Street are hoping the exposure will give the In campaign a boost.

And, you never know, maybe you will get a date with Dave.

Top pic: Rex