‘I Can’t Wait’: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Excitement Over Road House 2 Absolutely Matches My Own Enthusiasm

 Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton looking straight forward with a serious face in Road House.
Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton looking straight forward with a serious face in Road House.

As our review of Road House notes, Jake Gyllenhaal was magnificent in the remake, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want more. Thank goodness, we are getting a Road House 2! Now, the guy behind Dalton has opened up about how excited he is for it too. And let me take this moment to simply say: Bro, same.

While Road House premiered on the 2024 movie schedule a few months ago, there’s already a hunger for a sequel. The second movie was announced not long after the release of this Jake Gyllenhaal-led flick, and now, the leading man has opened up about how excited he is for it, telling TV Line:

All I know is that I'm very excited about it.

Dude, I'm with you. That’s also essentially all I know about a Road House sequel too. Based on Road House’s ending, we know Dalton is headed away from the bar and toward his next adventure. Sadly, it also seems like Conor McGregor might not return for a sequel, however, that’s not been confirmed. With all that said, like Gyllenhaal, I’m mostly just thrilled that this movie is happening, and I can’t wait to learn more about his reluctant vigilante.

The Zodiac actor is in the same boat too. He told the publication that he’s looking forward to throwing some punches as Dalton again, saying:

We've had a number of different ideas that we wanted to explore. And the fact that we're going to be able to do that is really exciting.

What Jake Gyllenhaal Is Doing Right Now

Jake Gyllenhaal in Presumed Innocent
Jake Gyllenhaal in Presumed Innocent

To see Jake Gyllenhaal's latest project, you can stream Presumed Innocent with an Apple TV+ subscription starting June 12.

In the first movie, we learned a bit about Dalton’s past as a fighter and what led him to leave the profession. Also, his time at the Road House only felt like the beginning of his career as seriously effective bar security.

When Road House 2 comes around, there are two roads I could see it going down. One might see Dalton with a new cast of characters in a new bar taking down a new bad guy. The other would see Gyllenhaal’s character returning to Florida and the Road House to help rebuild the bar that was thoroughly destroyed by the end of the first movie and save the Keys from the evil people trying to turn it into hotels.

Either way this goes, I know I want to see a reference or two to the OG Road House as well (like the callback Lukas Gage wanted in the 2024 movie).

I’m sure we’ll learn more about this exciting sequel soon, but while we wait I’ll be running off my own excitement and comments like this one from Gyllenhaal:

[It] will be expansive, and it will be bigger, and I can’t wait.

There were so many moments in Road House that I loved, and by the end, I could tell that there was more story to tell. I can’t wait to see Jake Gyllenhaal back as Dalton, and his enthusiasm about reprising to the part makes all of this even better!

As we learn more about Road House 2, we’ll keep you posted. While we wait, make sure to re-watch the first Road House starring Gyllenhaal and co. with an Amazon Prime subscription.