Taiwan tells citizens to avoid travel to China after execution threats


Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council has elevated its travel alert for China, Hong Kong and Macau to the second-highest orange level, advising citizens to avoid unnecessary travel due to increasing safety concerns. This decision stems from recent amendments to national security laws in these regions and new Chinese legal guidelines threatening to execute Taiwan independence advocates. The guidelines, effective since last Friday, mandate the legal system to “severely punish Taiwan independence diehards for splitting the country and inciting secession crimes” to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

  • The Council’s advice: The Council noted that if residents must travel to these regions, they should “avoid getting involved in or discussing sensitive issues and affairs, photographing ports, airports, military exercise venues, and carrying books on politics, history, religion.”

  • China-Taiwan tensions: China has intensified pressure on Taiwan since President Lai Ching-te's inauguration last month, branding him an “obstinate separatist.” Lai has stated that Taiwan and the People's Republic of China are "not subordinate to each other." Beijing has not ruled out using force to assert control over the island, which it claims as its territory. While most countries do not recognize Taiwan as independent, the U.S. opposes any forcible takeover and is legally obligated to supply Taiwan with defensive weaponry.

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