Taraji P Henson DENIES throwing shade at Ryan Seacrest on Oscars red carpet

Last night’s Oscars went off without a whole lot of controversy – but not where E! host Ryan Seacrest was concerned.

The regular red carpet attendee is synonymous with interviewing the biggest names in Hollywood before the star-studded event, only this time things were a bit quieter for the interviewer.

After Seacrest, 43, was accused of sexually harassing and abusing ex-E! stylist Suzie Hardy, he didn’t seem as popular.

When an internal investigation deeming ‘insufficient evidence’ to support the accusation was concluded, no further action was taken against Seacrest. But people, especially during the #MeToo and #TimesUp era, don’t forget.

However, Taraji P Henson did make the effort to stop and speak to the accused star, even though many others did their best to swerve him.

Seacrest even tweeted a photo thanking Henson for stopping by. ‘Nothing but love for my friend @TherealTaraji. Thanks for hanging out with us on the #ERedCarpet!

Their exchange was short, with Henson saying: ‘The universe has a way of taking care of taking care of good people,’ she said, touching his chin. ‘Know what I mean,’ before an awkward Seacrest responded: I agree.’

Many saw this as Henson throwing enormous shade his way but the Hidden Figures actress has since responded to said claim, revealing she was actually being supportive of the accused presenter and not trying to call him out in the most passive aggressive way imaginable.

Seacrest was largely shunned on the red carpet. (Getty)
Seacrest was largely shunned on the red carpet. (Getty)

The actress revealed that her comments were ‘misconstrue’, saying to People: ‘I did it to keep his chin up.’

‘It’s an awkward position to be in. He’s been cleared but anyone can say anything,’ she continued. Asked if she supported the TV presenter, the actress, 47, said: ‘Absolutely.’

Best Supporting Actress winner Alison Janney also stopped to chat to Seacrest prior to her I, Tonya win, as did Tiffany Haddish who won plaudits for her double act presenting gig with Maya Rudolph.

Whether Seacrest will return to the red carpet next year or ever again remains to be seen. Even though his accuser was unable to take her claim to court and despite E! finding the star unofficially innocent of any wrongdoing due to a lack of evidence, Hardy’s accusation has been enough to put people off him, that’s for sure.

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