Tartan Army in home soil fan zones gutted as Euros dreams come to an end

The Tartan Army in Glasgow's Merchant Square.
-Credit: (Image: Alan Harvey / SNS Group.)

In Glasgow's Merchant Square, heads were held in hands and fans wept as Hungary scored and Scotland's dream of going though to the next stage of the Euros were dashed.

Throughout the game, the fans had bonded when the big screen had sound issues and they had to provide their own commentary and team songs to fill the silence.

The mounting tension brought tears from many as they realised it was all over.

In the fanzone, the Tartan Army had sung, laughed and drank together and throughout the three big games opposing teams throughout the land had united in their hope for glory.

Scotland fans at the Merchant Square.
Scotland fans at the Merchant Square. -Credit:Alan Harvey / SNS Group.

As the fatal goal was scored relatives Jasmine and Audrey Turner bust into tears. Audrey originally from Glasgow said: “We are absolutely defeated. We are gutted. It’s heartbreaking.”

Jasmine added: “We should have won that. Hungary were not on form at all. We had such good players. If our players were rubbish fair enough, but no.”

Many were too upset to speak as they folded up their saltires and took off their Scotland tops, spilling out of the venue.

Mark Knox 38 from Haghill and his pal Jamie Dickie, 47, from Castlemilk hung at the back of the square and were gutted by the game.

Mark said: “I’m 38 years old and I remember Euro 96 where they had a massive performance against Switzerland when Ally McCoist scored the goal and we did enough to qualify.

"And something went against us and we didn’t do that tonight. We didn’t take the game by the scruff of the neck. Did we do enough for Scotland? I’m sorry but no.”

Merchant Square, in Glasgow.
Merchant Square, in Glasgow. -Credit:Supplied.

Jamie added: “I just thought it was typical Scotland. They were all over them in the last ten minutes. It came to the crunch and they got a goal right at the very end. It’s a glorious failure again but let’s do it next time round.”

Kilted Clark Smith 44, from Glasgow also got a punch to the gut as he drank his lager but he said optimistically: “It was as gutting as it’s been at least five or six times in my life.

"This is what happens with Scotland but you know we’ll be back the next time and we’ll go for it again and we will get there. Cmon”

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