Teacher Kato Harris cleared of raping teenage girl at London school warns men to avoid profession

Francesca Gillett
More than 32,000 was raised for Kato Harris in an online fundraising campaign: JustGiving

A geography teacher at an all-girls school in London has warned men not to become teachers after a false allegation of rape shattered his career.

Kato Harris, 38, was a head of department at the school when he was accused of attacking a 14-year-old girl three times in a classroom during lunch breaks in autumn 2013.

He was cleared of the allegation by a jury after a trial last year.

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday published today Mr Harris, from Richmond, said “one of the biggest challenges” he now faces is forgiving his accuser. He said he will forgive her one day but “just not now”.

He told the newspaper: "I would certainly advocate that no man qualify as a teacher. It is just not worth it. What is the lesson here? There is nothing to protect the male teacher."

Kato Harris, 38, said he would never have been a teacher if he 'knew what I know now' (David Parker/Daily Mail)

"I had to give up my dream job because of a crime I didn't commit," he said.

"I am unemployed, living in a bedsit and will soon be on housing benefit. I am toxic."

He added: “If I knew on the day I qualified what I know now, I would never have become a teacher.

"I will never work with children again - I will never put myself in that position of vulnerability."

The accusations emerged in December 2014, and Mr Harris said he was in "total shock" when police arrested him.

He told the newspaper he had made the decision to kill himself if he was charged, but that with the arrival of a baby daughter he wanted to carry on and prove his innocence.

Mr Harris added: "I've looked into the abyss. But every day I wake up and I'm a daddy and not in prison - and that's the best thing that I could have hoped for."