Tear Gas and Water Cannon Deployed by Police, Petrol Bombs Thrown by Protesters in Hong Kong

Anti-extradition bill protesters in Hong Kong continued to rally on October 20, with a large number of demonstrators wearing masks in defiance of a police ban on the facial coverings.

The Hong Kong Police Force said on Twitter that protesters gathering at Tsim Sha Tsui were blocking carriageways in Nathan Road, participating “in an unauthorized assembly,” and were requested to leave.

At Tsim Sha Tsui police station, officers fired tear gas towards protesters, in an attempt to clear the area. Police said on Twitter that the use of tear gas was the “minimum force necessary” to counter protesters.

As the standoff continued, protesters hurled petrol bombs at Tsim Sha Tsui police station, and police called up a water cannon, referred to by the force’s Twitter account as “a specialised crowd management” vehicle.

This footage shows the clashes between police and protesters around Tsim Sha Tsui police station. Credit: Antony Dapiran via Storyful