Tearful Jessie J opens up about struggling to sing due to health issues

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 26: Jessie J attends FIJI Water At Republic Records 2020 Grammy After Party on January 26, 2020 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for FIJI Water)
Jessie J has been having some health issues. (Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for FIJI Water)

Jessie J has told of her heartache after health issues have left her struggling to sing.

The 'Price Tag' singer was diagnosed with Meniere's disease last year. The condition affects the inner ear and can cause problems with balance as it gives sufferers vertigo and tinnitus.

She has since been dealing with acid reflux and nodules on her vocal cords.

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Sharing an emotional video and message on Instagram, Jessie told fans it had been tough not singing as it was her “lifeline” and “happiness”.

The video shows the tearful star singing in a small voice.

She wrote: “I was asked to send a speech therapist a video of me singing something quietly, so she could hear my voice. (I am not naked I am wearing a boob tube. Well more of a tube in my case) I’m laughing. Thank God. We gotta laugh.

“The first song I sang was, I Want Love. Just hearing myself sing it and feel so vulnerable whilst singing bought me to tears.

“I have never ever to this day (since recording it) been able to sing it because of the pain I am experiencing.

"Man it’s been hard not singing. It’s literally my lifeline and my happiness. Being quiet is not something I’m good at. Or makes me feel like myself. Lord knows I’m loud AF."

Screengrab from Jessie J's Instagram
Screengrab from Jessie J's Instagram

She went on: “It was in that moment I knew I needed to be honest with myself and honest with you all about where I am at and explain what is going on… To be totally real, to have your support and love would help me get through this faster I’m sure.

"I’ve always been honest however hard it feels. It’s important to be strong enough to be weak. Especially on a platform like this."

Jessie then posted a series of long messages on her Instagram Story, explaining that earlier this year she started to suffer with a burn in her throat.

"When I went to see a doctor I was told I have major acid reflux and nodules because I have continued to sing with acid reflux which was probably caused by the steroids I had taken for my ear last year," she said.

Screengrab from Jessie J's Instagram
Screengrab from Jessie J's Instagram

The singer said she has had exploratory procedures such as cameras down her throat, has taken medication, eaten a specific diet and restricted her talking and singing but was still in pain.

The nodules went away but doctors have warned that if she starts singing again they will return.

“I'm still seeing different doctors and doing everything I can to resolve it, I promise you that,” she assured fans.

Jessie J performs on stage at the Isle of Wight festival at Seaclose Park, Newport. Picture date: Saturday 23rd June, 2018. Photo credit should read: David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment
Jessie J on stage in 2018. (David Jensen/EMPICS Entertainment)

The star said she and her management had talked about delaying the release of her new single 'I Want Love' but decided to go ahead, although she hasn’t been able to do much promo work.

“My biggest lesson my whole life has been my health,” she said.

“And I'm in it. Living it.

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"This is my real life and I know I'm being faced with this because I can handle it."

"It could be so much worse," she added.

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