Tech & Science Daily: How to watch the huge asteroid passing Earth today

(PA Graphics)
(PA Graphics)

If you haven’t heard, a huge asteroid - far bigger than any building on Earth - is due to pass us by today.

It’s closest known approach to Earth was on 17th January 1933 when it went past 699,300 miles away. It’s not predicted to come as close to our planet again until 18th January 2105.

You can catch this rare moment via the Virtual Telescope Project online.

US airline officials have warned that 5G could ground planes and cause ‘chaos’ in the coming days.

The Federal Aviation Administration has warned that potential interference could affect sensitive airplane instruments such as altimeters and significantly hamper low-visibility operations.

Five million volunteers are being sought for the UK’s largest ever health research project - ‘Our Future Health’.

Tech & Science Daily spoke to CEO of Our Future Health, Andrew Roddam, about the project's aims and how it will work.

Tesla has travelled 750 miles on a single charge thanks to a new breakthrough battery and Covid-19 may be turning children into fussy eaters. Plus, the Natural History Museum digitises five million specimens, a new planet is discovered by ‘citizen scientists’ and could we be one step closer to a four-day working week?

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