Teddy Soares: Who is the Love Island 2021 contestant?

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Love Island 2021 is well underway, with yet another contestant entering the villa mid-series to shake things up.

One of the newest boys to arrive in the villa is Teddy Soares, a senior financial consultant from Manchester.

In the wake of his arrival on 9 July, Teddy had been mostly chatting to four of the girls: Sharon, Kaz, Faye, and Rachel. But when he was granted the power of eliminate one girl, he left audiences floored when he chose to couple up with the polarising Faye, leaving Rachel to be booted out of the villa.

Teddy told ITV that he’s appearing on Love Island in hope of finding a new partner and describes himself as a relationship guy.

“I think I’m ready for love now,” he said. “Law of attraction is probably what I believe in, so being in the villa is part of that thought process… If I do find someone in the villa, I’m going to take it seriously.”

While the 26-year-old is keeping his cards close to his chest about which specific islanders he fancies and plans to get to know “all of the girls”, Teddy said he’s “not afraid to step on toes to get the girl I want”.

Teddy is the latest boy to join ‘Love Island’ (ITV)
Teddy is the latest boy to join ‘Love Island’ (ITV)

“From a girls’ standpoint, they’re going to have to get used to me stirring a few pots and causing a bit of a ruckus. I do think hopefully, me walking into the villa the girls will have something to look at,” Teddy said.

However, he added that he’s seen by his friends as a person to “lean on”, explaining: “I’m cuddly, caring and all my friends, when they have an issue, they call me and confide in me… I think I’m going to add that element with the boys.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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