Teen, Paralyzed After Car Crash, Walks Across Graduation Stage in Richmond

Ryan Estrada, who was paralyzed after a car accident, defied the odds when he walked across his high school graduation stage in Richmond, Virginia, on June 11, as seen in this video shared by Henrico County Public Schools.

A car accident in 2017 left Estrada with a “broken neck and a severe spinal cord injury,” according to Henrico County Public Schools. Doctors said Estrada “would probably never walk again,” local media reported.

Footage from the ceremony shows a smiling Estrada entering the ceremony in a wheelchair, before crossing the stage with a walker to accept his Mills E. Godwin High School diploma. The video shows faculty members congratulating and hugging Estrada as the crowd gives a standing ovation. Credit: Henrico County Public Schools via Storyful