Teenage girl fails driving test after crashing car into test centre

Crash test dummy: How not to pass your driving test in one simple step (Buffalo Police)

A teenager’s driving test went catastrophically wrong when she crashed her car into the test centre.

The girl from Buffalo, Minnesota suffered every learner’s worst nightmare when, according to police, she put her car into drive instead of reverse, causing it to jump the kerb and come to a dramatic halt inside the building.

The accident happened on Wednesday, before the 17-year-old’s test had even got going.

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While the girl was unhurt, her car suffered significant damage and the 60-year-old female examiner was taken to hospital with minor injuries. The test centre didn’t come out of it too well either.

Buffalo Police Chief Pat Budke told StarTribune that no one inside the office was hurt in the crash and no charges will be filed against the girl.