Tell us: how is the approaching Brexit date affecting you?

Guardian readers

The long awaited and much trailed original date for the UK to leave the EU – 29 March 2019 – is just a week away, with little sign this will happen in the orderly way promised by Theresa May.

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The prime minister has requested extension to 30 June, but with the EU insisting on an earlier deadline, what happens next? And how are things affecting readers both in the UK and elsewhere?

With May likely to again seek support for her repeatedly rejected deal in the coming days, we would like to hear from you about the negotiation process, and particularly how the approaching date has affected life for you.

Share your views and experiences

Wherever you live in the UK or in Europe we would like to hear from you. How will the date the UK leaves the EU directly affect you whether at home or at work? Have you been making any plans in case the UK leaves Europe with no-deal – or are you waiting for further clarity before making any important decisions? What are your general feelings about the process so far and situation as you see it with one week to go before 29 March? If, as expected, the UK does not withdraw on time, what does that mean for you, your family or your community?

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