Ten of the best bike, skate and scooter shops in London

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 (Flying Dutchman)
(Flying Dutchman)

1. Slam City Skates

The Old Truman Brewery, 10 Dray Walk, London E1 6QL

The surge of interest in skateboarding is hardly surprising given its Olympic debut this summer, not to mention lockdowns in which people’s otherwise busy lives were put on hold, allowing them to try something new. Enter Slam City Skates, which is there to advise everyone from beginners to pros on the best boards for them. Slam’s Covent Garden store is closed (for now) but the London favourites still have their outpost off Brick Lane and an outlet shop up in Enfield.


2. Flying Dutchman Bikes

188-192 Eversholt Street, London NW1 1BJ

Flying Dutchman Bikes has been providing Londoners with a little slice of Amsterdam (and Sweden, Germany and Taiwan) since 2015 in the form of city, cargo and electric bikes. We’re a bit in love with just about everything they stock, not least the Urban Arrow Family cargo-bike, which has been hill tested around Hampstead and Highgate and is perfect for carrying whatever you need – intrepid toddlers included.


3. Velorution

75-77 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LR

For those looking for a good urban commuting bike, the Velorution Marylebone team recommends folding bikes such as those made by iconic London-based manufacturer Brompton. To help pay for whatever bike you select, Velorution accepts cycle-to-work vouchers through third-party schemes such as Bike 2 Work but also offers its own salary sacrifice scheme, Velo To Work, enabling employees to pay for a new bike over a 12 month period.


4. Slick Willies

12 Gloucester Road, London SW7 4RB

Slick Willies have been selling skateboards since 1970 but they’re equally at home with the roller skate and scooter crowd. Our hot tip for adults is the Micro Classic Scooter which, designed with commuting and school runs in mind, folds up easily and has larger than average wheels, making for a smoother ride. Given Slick Willies’ Kensington location, anything you do purchase can be taken straight to nearby Hyde Park for a test run.


5. VanMoof

6 Circus Road West, London SW11 8EZ

If you’ve been debating whether to get an electric bike and VanMoof can’t convince you then we reckon nothing will. Their bikes are widely considered to be the best e-bikes around, with a sleek design, four speeds and built-in anti-theft devices. Following a price drop in 2020 they are no longer wildly more expensive than their counterparts. The VanMoof S3 is the choice for riders over 5ft 8in, while the X3 has a more compact frame for shorter types.


6. Condor Cycles

49-53 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8PP

Condor, whose bikes are designed in London and hand made in Italy, have been serving Clerkenwell since 1948. They’re also quick to stock good design produced by others, like the clothing and accessories range made by up-and-comers Albion Cycling. Albion specialises in “products for cycling in British conditions” – subtext: rain. Not sure what kit you might need? The company’s homepage has a weather app that suggests the appropriate gear for whatever journey you may be taking next.


7. Personal Electric Transport

Leyton Industrial Village, Unit 045D, Argall Avenue, London E10 7QP

The team at Leyton’s PET would like to remind you that eScooters are currently not legal on the UK’s public footpaths, cycle lanes and roads and it is up to you to ride your scooter according to the law. Stern words, but this team really does know its stuff. They recommend the E-Twow GT SE, a model used by many of their staff, which has a top speed of 40km per hour and a range of up to 50km.


8. Brixton Cycles

296-298 Brixton Road, London SW9 6AG

As a workers’ co-op, Brixton Cycles has a strong sense of community. But even they are surprised by the number of people who come to them asking to have their tyres pumped up. “We’ve no problem doing it,” says a team member “but what happens if we’re closed?” They recommend cyclists kit up with an SKS Injex T-Zoom Mini Pump, a lightweight pump that works on all tyre valves and which Brixton Cycles frequently stock.


9. Evolve Skateboards

25 E Bay Lane, London E15 2GW

Evolve products have been around in the capital for a few years now, although the Australian brand’s first electric skateboard showroom in London only opened last December. Of their range of electric boards designed for street riding, the best entry point is the Stoke, a surf-inspired cruiser with a top speed of 35km per hour which just happens to be the lightest and cheapest board in the range.


10. Tokyobike

87-89 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4BA

With their lightweight frames, upright seating position and narrow handlebars, Tokyobike is created with city riding in mind. Recently, the company’s Shoreditch branch says it has noticed a boom in sales of their Bisou model, a light-weight step-through style which the team says has been popular with the increased number of women riders that have been coming into the store since the start of the pandemic.


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