Terrified woman discovers snake in kitchen drawer in Buckinghamshire

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A Buckinghamshire woman had the fright of her life when she found the corn snake in her kitchen drawer (RSPCA)

A woman was terrified after she found a stray snake nesting in her kitchen drawer at home.

The unnamed woman, from Marlow, Buckinghamshire, discovered the corn snake on Saturday before seeking help from a neighbour, who alerted police.

Corn snakes, although non-venomous, can grow up to five feet long and are often mistaken for poisonous copperhead snakes.

However, the RSPCA believe the snake is a pet due to it’s good condition.


The animal was confined in a box before animal officer Rachel Edwards arrived the next day to collect it.

Ms Edwards said: “The poor lady must have had quite a shock when she opened the drawer to find a corn snake inside.

“Luckily, corn snakes are harmless and, with a little help from a neighbour, they were able to pop him into a box and wait for help.”

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The RSPCA said corn snake are natural escape artists and have advised owners to make sure their cages are secure.

The animal rescue charity is trying to reunite the owners with the snake.

Anyone with information that could help see the snake returned to its owners should contact the RSPCA.

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