Tesco opening times: Revised supermarket shopping hours during coronavirus lockdown

Tom Herbert

Tesco has revised its opening hours and introduced limits on items to prevent customers stockpiling goods during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The UK's biggest supermarket has reduced the hours across all of its stores, while NHS workers have special hours as the country tackles the crisis.

Restrictions are in place on a number of items, meaning people are limited in what they are allowed to buy at one time, and opening hours will shorter as part of the nationwide measures.

Here's everything you need to know about the steps Tesco has taken.

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What are the opening hours for Tesco?

A Tesco spokesman confirmed that store opening hours across all of its larger stores, including extra stores, superstores and large metro stores, are temporarily changing from 6am-10pm.

Some stores with pharmacies will stay open until after 10pm.

Tesco Express stores will open at their usual times but will all close at 10pm.

Yuo can find out more information relating to your local store on the Tesco website here.

What item restrictions are in place?

Tesco has introduced a three-item limit per product on all items.

Paracetamol and toilet paper however will be limited to two per customer.

On March 25, the company introduced a purchase limit of 80 items for each order.

Multi-buy promotions have been removed.

Do NHS staff and the elderly have special supermarket opening times?

A special hour has been added every Tuesday and Thursday, along with a browsing hour every Sunday, to prioritise NHS workers.

All stores apart from Tesco Express will have special hours for the elderly and vulnerable from 9am-10am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.​

Can I get home delivery?

Tesco is still offering online delivery and are releasing slots "as and when they become available", but they are filling up quickly due to demand.

The retailer is asking those who are able to shop in store to do so, instead of shopping online, to help prioritise slots for elderly or vulnerable customers, and those who are self-isolating.

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