Tesco shoppers forced to ditch buying olive oil and say 'not funny anymore'

Tesco shoppers have slammed the "ridiculous" cost of olive oil as they ditch it for an alternative. Shoppers at Tesco, which is the UK's biggest supermarket, have shared images after seeing olive oil on the shelf priced at £7.90.

One typed: "Emptied my ISA for olive oil x." A second laughed: "Next time I go to Tesco, I am going to look the security guard straight in the eye and say don't be a hero, bro." A third said: "They must have the labels mixed up - it should not be that much for standard olive oil that is not Extra Virgin Olive Oil!"

Another chimed in: "Honestly, it's not even funny anymore. The price of simple sh*t is just beyond ridiculous. Even coffee." Another said: "Which is the best and more healthier oil, please. Olive, Sunflower, Vegetable, Corn, Groundnut, and Rapeseed oil. I want to finally make my choice. I am using rapeseed oil..."

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Another wrote: "I sponsor an olive tree in Spain and get 5 litres of EVOO every year. I am expecting a price increase this year because of the reduced production caused by the drought. But it is such beautiful oil I am happy to pay."

"I use Rapeseed Oil just as good and a lot cheaper than Olive Oil used to use nothing else but way too expensive now," another commented. "I went to Spain a week ago the ground is too dry and they are finding it hard to grow olives , so much that drinking cava is cheaper than buying olive oil even in Spain," another wrote.

"That's quite cheap for olive oil nowadays. The full Brexit effect is still to come though, import food controls and charges on olive oil have either just begun or will begin in November (can't remember whether the UK considers it high risk or medium risk). Of course, we don't make much olive oil here to make up the difference... so expect prices to go up," another warned.

The average price of a bottle of olive oil has risen by 89% in the past two years, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). Tesco has responded to the ONS findings by stating that its own-brand olive oil starts at £3.30.