Tesla Cameras Capture Footage of Woman Repeatedly 'Keying' Car

A Tesla dashcam captured video showing a woman using her keys to repeatedly scratch the vehicle’s door in a parking lot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on September 22.

Amanda Aubin, who was attending an appointment, parked her Tesla outside a clinic and returned to find scratches on her car door. Her Tesla camera recorded videos that showed a woman walking by her car and keying her vehicle’s door a number of times.

Aubin shared the footage of the incident with Storyful. In this video, at the 09:07 am timestamp, Aubin is seen parking in an empty spot, followed by a red vehicle. A woman in a pink shirt then stops and exits her car after Aubin parks. At the 09:54 am mark, the same woman walks by Aubin’s vehicle and appears to use a key to scratch the vehicle. One minute later, the woman goes around Aubin’s Tesla again and deliberately leaves further damage on the door before walking away.

Speaking to WAFB, Aubin said she and the woman were aiming for the same parking space, however Aubin was able to secure the spot first.

“You know, we (Aubin and red car) both signaled, and I got there first, it looks like. And I just pulled in, and she parked in another spot. So, I was like, okay no issue,” Aubin told WAFB.

Aubin told Storyful the cost of the repair was USD$7,650. She told WAFB that she had filed a police report. Credit: Amanda Aubin via Storyful

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