Texas Couple Overjoyed as Stolen Rings Returned by Police Before Wedding

A couple were overjoyed when their stolen wedding rings were returned by police during their rehearsal dinner in Denton, Texas, on December 18.

According to the Lewisville Police Department, the bride and groom — Emery and Sam Bundy — were shopping for blankets for their wedding guests in Lewisville on December 17 when Emery’s purse was swiped. She called the local police and filed a report.

On December 18, Lewisville Police Officer Charles Bonar was able to track down the suspect using store surveillance footage and street cameras.

“She voluntarily surrendered the purse and all its contents to Officer Bonar at that time. Once he had the items, Officer Bonar made the 20 minute drive up to the GreenHouse restaurant in Denton where Sam and Emery were holding their rehearsal dinner. Upon arrival, Officer Bonar presented Emery with her purse, and she inspected the contents and retrieved all three rings,” police said.

The couple were married the next day, Sunday, December 19, and decided not to pursue charges against the suspect, police said.

Bodycam video from Officer Bonar shows the moment he walked into the couple’s rehearsal dinner to return the rings. Credit: Lewisville Police Department via Storyful

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