TfL Tube driver discusses scorching Central line, secret loos and being scarred from mind the gap announcement in revealing London Underground Q&A

Luke O'Reilly
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A Tube driver has revealed what it's really like to work on the London Underground in a fascinating Q&A.

The London Underground worker answered questions on Reddit, sharing some little known facts about the capital's Tube network.

Under the user name TrainOperator, the TfL employee said there are hidden toilets on some platforms in case drivers find themselves with a sudden urge to go.

"There are hidden drivers' toilets on some platforms where you can relieve yourself if need be.

"Otherwise you can just leave your train and go to the staff toilets in the station."

Asked if the phrase "please, mind the gap" goes through their head 24/7, the driver replied: "I hate the phrase mind the gap. It is burned into my brain."

Many users were curious about the application process to become a Tube driver.

TrainOperator said: "You need to join the underground and apply internally, as with all good jobs in the underground.

"You used to be able to apply externally for night tube train operator then transfer to full time, but night tube train op is so popular internally now that their latest campaign is internal only."

The TfL worker added that it is be unlikely there will ever be another external job advert for Night Tube operator again, as it is seen as a gateway to becoming a daytime driver.

One user asked how Tube drivers get to work, if the Tube is closed.

"There is a network of shuttle taxis that stop at every station that ferry all operational staff around when the trains aren’t running."

The driver revealed some of the benefits of being a Tube driver, including a salary of between £2,750-£3,000 every four weeks after tax, free travel on an oyster card, and a great work-life balance.

"The money is good, the benefits are good", TrainOperator said.

"Honestly the best part of my job is that I don’t need to take anything home and actually have a real work life balance.

"I stable my train in the depot, or hand it over to another driver, and I just go home.

"There is nothing to worry about when I’m at home like deadlines or meetings, no one calls or emails me on my time off. I literally just come in, drive my train, go home."

Another user asked why TfL has never fixed how hot the Central Line is in Summer. "Money" was the one word answer.

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