Thai penguins keep fit during lockdown

These penguins are trying to keep fit during lockdown

Location: Chonburi, Thailand

The birds are used to being watched by the crowds

but the latest lockdown have stopped visitors from coming to the zoo

(SOUNDBITE) (Thai) 34-YEAR-OLD PENGUIN CARERTAKER, TOSSAPOL KOSOL, SAYING:"Yes, I noticed that they felt a bit confused because they walk out and there are usually a lot of people waiting for them. But now they come out and there is no one here, so sometimes they stop and look around, wondering where have people gone to?"

The penguins have been maintaining their usual routine

which includes a swim in an outdoor pool

to keep them physically and mentally well

(SOUNDBITE) (Thai) 34-YEAR-OLD PENGUIN CARETAKER, TOSSAPOL KOSOL, SAYING:"This is their normal routine, which we have kept up. If they are only kept inside their air conditioned enclosure they can become sick, so we have to bring them out to get some sun, eat and swim to maintain a healthy diet."