The Affair - Episode 7


It’s Alison and Cole’s turn to show their idea of truth.

The Affair’s Episode 7 opens its narration several months in the future from where we left. And given the structure of the series we’ve been familiarising with, it apparently looks like one of the numerous flash-forwards that are shown as intro and outro of each episode.

Conversely, this time the series brings us when Alison is several months into her pregnancy.

The episode takes place on Thanksgiving Day and we heard she saying the baby will likely be born in April. We can assume her children to be four-months-old at the time.

Noah’s book is finally out and seems like having huge success, given especially the new house he can now afford. Nonetheless, not everything goes fine between Noah and Alison.

He’s been “harassed” by all the meetings and the responsibilities that his new book demands and by his new assistant: a girl that is probably the reason why, in the first half of the episode, we see Alison uncomfortable and probably jealous about the whole situation.


Much is given by the revelations that Noah’s book brings inside that set the plot for possibly interesting developments. We’ll see.

On the other half of the episode, we have Cole’s struggles with his new girlfriend. The series has skipped several months since last week’s episode and now we are left with more questions than answers, as usual with this show.

How did Cole happen to end up with his brother’s crush? It’s not sure how, but things apparently are going well between the two until misunderstandings bring the couple to temporarily split.


That leads us to spectate Cole’s reunion with his family and hopefully to start the thawing between him and his mother.

At the Thanksgiving dinner, at Lockhart’s, Cole and his brothers found out heart breaking news about their father’s death. Apparently thanks to Noah’s book and some new revelations from his mother, Lockhart’s legacy is compromised.

The Story, as the authors like to call the show, is quickly becoming even more intrigued and who knows where the writer’s will lead us eventually. There are many plot lines still hanging, waiting to be carried out. Sure enough, we are close to discover the truth about Noah’s involvement in the homicide of Scotty Lockhart.

Four episodes to go until the season finale where, according to creator of the series Sarah Treem, the truth will be unveiled.