The Apprentice's Jessica Cunningham used to earn £1000 a day as a stripper

Jessica Cunningham’s family have been left stunned after her appearance on BBC’s The Apprentice saw her secret past as a stripper get revealed to the nation.

The businesswomen’s family were apparently none the wiser to her past, with Jessica admitting that her mum is now considering therapy to help her cope with the shock of her daughter’s wild past.

Speaking to The Sun about her life as a stripper, Jessica explained: “I feel terrible, I’m their little girl. My mum is talking about seeing a therapist and my dad feels like he failed as a father.

“They worked so hard for me and are quite prudish so it’s hard for them to take. They’re embarrassed.”

Despite this, Jessica insists that she has no regrets over her past career, which saw her earn up to £1,000 a day.

Admitting that she found the work “fun”, Jessica went by the name ‘Roxanne Fox’ and was tempted into stripping by a friend in Liverpool.

True to her Apprentice form, Jessica made up a fake backstory and told customers that she was studying to be a lawyer.

She added: “Getting naked in front of strangers could make you feel insecure at times but for the most part I treated it as a laugh and got on with it.

“My first lap dance was such a blur. I know I was a bit too enthusiastic and goofy as hell. Early on I fell over a few times, which was embarrassing.”

Jessica recently revealed that she hopes to go on Celebrity Big Brother following her Apprentice stint.