The best UK TV to watch this week from The Witcher to Hijack

From Rose Ayling-Ellis' new documentary to Jack Ryan season 4

The Witcher, Hijack and Rose Ayling-Ellis: Sign for Change are some of the new shows available to watch on TV this week (BBC/ITV/Netflix/Prime Video/Getty Images/Alamy)
The Witcher, Hijack and Rose Ayling-Ellis: Signs for Change are some of the new shows available to watch on TV this week (BBC/ITV/Netflix/Prime Video/Getty Images/Alamy)

This week on UK TV is shaping up to be an exciting on indeed, with some of the biggest shows coming to streaming, as well as poignant documentaries and live events.

As the summer days continue blockbuster hits like The Witcher is returning on Netflix, while Apple TV+ is bringing a new high-octane drama to its platform starring Idris Elba. Elsewhere, Rose Ayling-Ellis shares a moving glimpse at her life as a deaf person for BBC.

There's truly something for everyone, so here is Yahoo's guide to the week ahead on UK television.

Sunday, 25 June, 5pm and 9 pm: Glastonbury live | BBC One

27 April 2023, Bavaria, Munich: Singer and pianist Elton John sits on stage at the Olympiahalle during a concert as part of his
Elton John's headline slot at Glastonbury will be screened live on BBC 1 on Sunday (Getty Images)

The final day of Glastonbury will be screened live on BBC One, with both the Legends slot and Elton John's headline slot available for viewers to enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

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Rick Astley and Blondie will perform on the Pyramid Stage from 5pm, and later in the evening the Rocketman hitmaker will take to the stage with a slew of guest performers.

Sunday, 25 June, 10.20 pm: The Clinic | ITV1

From Rogan Productions Scotland

Sunday 25th June 2023 on ITV1

Pictured: Sign outside The Tavistock Centre in London

This timely documentary tells the story of the rise and fall of the Tavistock Centre’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS), now one of the most controversial units in the NHS. For more than three decades, this NHS service has been alone in providing treatment for young people with gender identity issues in England.  Demand for its services exploded in the decade to 2020. But after Dr Hilary Cass, who was commissioned to report on GIDS, was critical of its handling of the use of puberty blockers as well as the clinic’s waiting times, it was ordered to close, leaving thousands of children in medical limbo. Through the powerful testimony of GIDS insiders and patients, as well as clinicians and campaigners who have been involved with the unit and former Health Secretary Sajid Javid, the film - part of ITV's BAFTA winning  Exposure strand - provides a vivid insight into what led to its closure amid a continuing and highly-charged debate around gender identity in the UK, which sits at the heart of today’s culture wars.

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The Clinic examines the closure of Tavistock Centre's Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) and how it has impacted transgender children across the country (ITV)

On a more serious note, ITV1 will be screening a current affairs documentary which examines the rise and fall of the Tavistock Centre’s Gender Identity Development Service, the UK's only clinic that helped transgender children.

The NHS clinic was ordered to close in 2020, and the documentary will see patients and parents, clinicians and campaigners share insight into their time there and what led to the closure.

Sunday, 25 June, 10pm: Blacklist season 10 | Sky Max

James Spader as Raymond
James Spader as Raymond "Red" Reddington in The Blacklist Season 10. (Sky)

The final season of American crime series Blacklist is arriving at Sky Max, with the first episode landing on Sunday, 25 June.

In the thriller, James Spader takes on the role of Raymond "Red" Reddington, a high profile criminal who agrees to work with the FBI on cases alongside profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). The show ends on 13 July in the USA, and soon viewers in the UK will get to see what takes place too.

Monday, 26 June, 9pm Rose Ayling-Ellis: Signs for Change | BBC One

Rose Ayling-Ellis - Signs For Change,Rose Ayling-Ellis,Rogan Productions,Dan Hall
Rose Ayling-Ellis stars in BBC documentary Signs For Change (BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing champion Rose Ayling-Ellis is starring in a documentary in which she will look back at her life and growing up deaf.

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The poignant documentary sees the actor also speak with other deaf people to show how the community are seen by society, and the ways in which things can change for the better.

Wednesday, 28 June: Hijack | AppleTV+

Idris Elba in Hijack. (Apple TV+)
Idris Elba in Hijack. (Apple TV+)

Idris Elba stars as a man trying to stop a plane from being hijacked as it makes its way to London from Dubai over a seven-hour flight.

The Apple TV+ series is told in real time to add to the drama, and the first two episodes will premiere on Wednesday 28 June. The show also stars Archie Panjabi, Neil Maskall and Eve Myles.

Wednesday, 28 June: Muscles and Mayhem: The Unauthorised story of American Gladiators | Netflix

TV show American Gladiators will be the subject of a new Netflix documentary titled Madness and Mayhem (Alamy)

The BBC are preparing to reboot their iconic Gladiators franchise, but the American edition of the show will be the subject of a new Netflix documentary examining the dark side of the beloved show.

Dubbed an "unauthorised" look at the making of the series, Muscles and Mayhem will see former Gladiators and people who worked on the show behind-the-scenes sharing their stories from their time making the show.

Thursday, 29 June: The Witcher season 3 part 1 | Netflix

The Witcher (Netflix)
The Witcher (Netflix)

Henry Cavill is ready to bid farewell to the role of Geralt of Rivia, but before he departs fans will get to see him portray the character one last time.

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Season 3 of the Netflix fantasy hit premieres on 29 June with its first half, five episodes of the total eight, which follows Geralt, Ciri (Freya Allan) and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) as they go on the run from Nilgaardian forces who are trying to capture Ciri and bring her to her father, Emyhr var Emreis (Bart Edwards).

Friday, 30 June: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan season 4 | Prime Video

John Krasinski in Jack Ryan S4. (Prime Video)
John Krasinski in Jack Ryan Season 4. (Prime Video)

Similarly, John Krasinski will be starring in his final season of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan which will be returning to Prime Video on Friday.

In the new season, Krasinski's Jack Ryan will have to contend with enemies both near and far as his tenure as the new CIA Acting Deputy Director sees him unearth corruption within the agency, as well as a number of suspicious black ops missions.