The Boys fans are losing it over season 4's sauna scene, and these memes prove it

Season 4's second episode has shocked fans

The Boys (Prime Video)
The Boys season 3 features a shocking scene in its second episode that has left fans in shock. (Prime Video)

The Boys knows how to shock an audience, and the writers have proven time and again that they can go bigger and bolder than they've done before with each new season — this applies to how gross the show can be too.

Prime Video's gritty superhero caper has a penchant for obscene scenes, something that will surprise viewers or make them look away in disgust. Each time it seems like the writers can't outdo themselves, but they often do manage to find a way and that is the case with season 4.

The first three episodes premiered on Thursday, 13 June and viewers lost it when they saw the second episode because it features a moment best described as a sex scene inspired by the Human Centipede. Set in a sauna, a Supe with cloning abilities decides to engage in sexual activities with his clones — and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Frenchie (Tomer Capone) walk in on him.

The Boys (Prime Video)
The scene features a Supe with cloning abilities decides to engage in sexual activities with his clones, and Kimiko and Frenchie (pictured) walk in on him. (Prime Video)

It's a brief moment in the episode, which happens when Butcher (Karl Urban) and the Boys investigate a convention for conspiracy theorists, but it has already managed to stick fans minds the same way as season 3's opening scene did. If you don't know the one, it's where superhero Termite shrunk down to size to pleasure his partner sexually only to sneeze and kill the man.

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Viewers shared their reactions to the Season 4 scene on X, with several sharing amusing memes of disgusted people to bring across their dislike for the scene they witnessed in season 4 alongside the time code for the scene, perhaps as a warning to other fans.

As well as these reactions, several viewers also shared their thoughts on the scene and how it had changed the way they will look at saunas in future.

One viewer wrote: "that sauna scene almost made me throw up", while anothe person said: "Genuinely might never go in a sauna again without suffering PTSD". Calling out the writers for choosing to add the scene in, one viewer said: "The sauna scene?????? who thinks of this stuff".

Another viewer said: "Jesus Christ, I thought the orgy scene last season from the Boys was something else...then here they come with a sauna scene this season that will never let me look at one the same."

The Boys season 4 airs new episodes weekly every Thursday on Prime Video.