The British stars who are successful abroad but who you're unlikely ever to have heard of

If you've got a dream to be a successful recording artist, you'll grab whatever chances come your way. For some, that means becoming far more famous abroad than you are in your home country. Here are some of the successful British music stars you're a bit less likely to have heard of...

Charlie Winston
Even Charlie Winston's website is in French. This says much about the success the Cornwall-born 33-year-old has had since moving to Paris. Formerly a busker, he's found himself playing to 55,000 fans at France's biggest music festival and when 'at home', has to travel with security. Raised in his parents’ East Anglia hotel, his 2009 single 'Like A Hobo' went straight to number one in France, as did the album 'Hobo' which stayed in the top spot for four weeks. However, while he's had little success in the UK, he is known for his cover version of 'I'm A Man' by The Spencer Davis Group, which was used in the banned Volkswagen advert which featured a dog miming the lyrics.

Ross Anthony
Ross Anthony Catterall is probably able to walk around his hometown of Bridgnorth in Shropshire without being harassed by fans. This is less likely in Germany, however. He was part of the band Bro'sis, who emerged from the German version of early TV talent show 'Popstars', a quintet who over three albums sold 2.2 million records, the biggest being their album 'Never Forget (Where You Come From)', which was a number one in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The band split in 2006, with Anthony becoming a TV personality, appearing in 'Ich bin ein Star – Holt mich hier raus!', or 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here'.

Richard David Court
Beckenham-born Ritchie, or Richard David Court, moved from London to Brazil when he was 20, having grown up all over the world, thanks to his father who was in the military. While playing the flute in a band in London, he met members of the psychedelic rock band Os Mutantes and soon ended up in Sao Paulo and then later Rio, where he married. He's been a big wheel in the Brazilian music scene ever since, working with many of the greats in Brazilian music. He released his debut album 'Flight Of Heart' in 1983, and his most recent (his 13th in all) called '60' earlier this year. As well as being a recording artist, he's also worked as a sound designer developing audio software, and has his own record label called PopSongs which he launched in 2008.

Irene Sheer
Ireen Sheer was originally a member of the British band The Family Dogg, who recorded with the likes of Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. But Basildon-born Sheer would later concentrate on building her pop career in Germany, where she has had enduring success. She has competed in several Eurovision Song Contests, representing both Luxembourg and Germany, while her prolific pop career has earned her gold records. To date, she's released 20 German-language albums and won the German music award the Golden Tuning Fork twice.