'The Celebrity Circle' blocks another player - which catfish's time was up?

The Circle - celebrity
The Celebrity Circle (Channel 4)

Loose Women stars Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha have been blocked from The Celebrity Circle, where they were playing as Gemma Collins.

The pair were shown the door after several rounds of voting where the other players were asked to come to a unanimous decision on who they wanted to evict.

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But with Big Narstie - aka Lady Leshurr - refusing to back down on his choice of Saffron Barker, in the end the unanimous decision was forced to become a majority vote as all of the other players eventually agreed on Collins.

Kay Adams & Nadia Sawalha
Kaye Adams and Nadia Sawalha are out (Channel 4)

Adams and Sawalha had made the other players increasingly suspicious that they were catfish by slipping up over an incorrect nickname for Collins' pal Denise Van Outen, misspelling Towie co-star Amy Childs' name, and sounding unconvincing as The GC.

Van Outen led the charge to see Collins blocked, but viewers will have to wait until the next episode to discover which player Adams and Sawalha decided to visit before leaving the apartment block.

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Leshurr, who stuck rigidly to her choice of evicting YouTuber Barker, had attempted to get all of the other players on side earlier in the day by instigating a number of private chats to try to form alliances.

But it backfired with some, who suspected that Big Narstie wasn't real and was trying to deflect the catfish attention onto Barker.

Lady Leshurr
Lady Leshurr is posing as Big Narstie (Channel 4)

Meanwhile, other players remain convinced that Rachel Riley (really Pete Wicks and Sam Thompson), (played by Melvin Odoom and Rickie Haywood-Williams) and Peter Andre (Charlotte Crosby) are all real.

Players aren't sure what to make of over-the-top personality Kim Woodburn (being played by Baga Chipz) and think Van Outen could be a catfish.

The Celebrity Circle for Stand Up To Cancer will return on Sunday and will air its final on Monday, before a new series of The Circle begins on Tuesday.

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