'The Chase' reaches record number of viewers as show introduces new Chaser

The Chase has a new ratings record. (ITV/Gary Moyes)
The Chase has a new ratings record. (ITV/Gary Moyes)

The Chase achieved its highest ever ratings on the episode that debuted its brand new Chaser.

Darragh Ennis has joined the programme as the sixth Chaser and competed for the first time during Thursday's instalment.

On 19 November, the programme had an average audience of 4.9 million and managed to break the record that had been set just the day before.

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Wednesday say an average viewership of 4.8 million, meaning it has drawn the two biggest audiences in its 11 year run this week.

Darragh Ennis was unveiled as the show's newest Chaser. (ITV)
Darragh Ennis was unveiled as the show's newest Chaser. (ITV)

The show had previously teased that a new star would be coming onboard as the sixth brainiac.

Dublin-born Ennis, who has been dubbed 'The Menace' by presenter Bradley Walsh, previously featured on the quiz show as a contestant facing off against Paul 'The Sinnerman' Sinha.

Because of his unique position of having been on both side of the table, the 40-year-old said he has a different approach to his opponents compared to his colleagues.

He said on Friday's Lorraine: "The one big advantage I have is that I have been on both sides which makes me a bit more sympathetic to the contestants than some of the others.”

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Ennis, a scientist, won his first show as a Chaser when competing against two contestants in the Final Chase after sending the other half of the team home.

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He reckons it was important for him to win his first episode, saying afterwards: "It’s like Heathrow Terminal 5, when it wasn’t going well the first day, everyone just wrote it off.

"It’s a thing that humans do, if something doesn’t work the first time people get a bias against you and they keep that in their mind always, no matter what the evidence is afterwards. So it was good to get a first win.”