The Crown: All the answers to every question you'll ask while watching season four

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN)
The Crown, with Emma Corrin as Princess Diana. (Netflix)

Whether you’ve binged all 10 episodes in one go or have saved the season to watch in stages, The Crown season four may have left you with some questions.

The latest instalment of the Peter Morgan telling of the life and times of the Royal Family, and the political world, charts the 1980s, with Margaret Thatcher coming to power in Number 10 and Diana entering the royal fold.

But did Thatcher and Diana really have to pass a test at Balmoral? Were Diana and Camilla friends?

Yahoo UK has the answers to all your questions.

Is The Crown a true story?

Something fans wonder in every series of the Netflix show is whether or not it’s a true story.

We know the Queen and Prince Philip are real people, but is the show giving an accurate picture of what they’re really like?

Get the story here as we answer: Is Netflix's 'The Crown' a true story?

And you can see some of the times they didn’t quite get it right in Five times The Crown strayed from reality

Will The Crown ever feature some of the younger royals?

Fans could not wait for the introduction of Princess Diana, and have praised Emma Corrin for the portrait of the young royal, who struggled in the spotlight.

But with so much real life royal drama nowadays, we answer whether or not the like of Harry, Meghan and Andrew will make it into the show.

Why the Crown will never feature Meghan, Harry or Prince Andrew – according to the creator

Do the actors look like the real royals?

There’s a lot of time spent in hair and make-up for The Crown stars - more so even than the real Royal Family members spend achieving their looks.

But does it work? See for yourself how well the costume teams achieve the regal look.

How closely do The Crown stars resemble their royal family counterparts?

What does the Queen think?

Maybe the Queen can’t resist popping Netflix on to see how they have interpreted her record breaking reign.

Camilla could be cosying up to tune in as she makes an appearance in season four too. The royals often keep their opinions about lots of things to themselves, but they have made a few comments about the show.

What have the Royal Family said about 'The Crown'?

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Margaret Thatcher (GILLIAN ANDERSON). Filming Location: Wrotham Park
Margaret Thatcher played by Gillian Anderson in season four of The Crown. (Netflix)

Taking fashion inspiration?

The 1980s were a divisive time in many ways and the fashion is one element of the decade which is remembered with fondness and embarrassment.

Diana transformed during the era, and her fashion was a big part of that.

It’s no surprise that seeing it on small screen has led to an increase in people wanting to emulate her.

Want to know more about her style? Read more here: Fashion historian reveals secrets of Princess Diana's wardrobe

Saying goodbye to Lord Mountbatten

(Spoiler alert) In episode one we wave goodbye to one of the dominating characters of The Crown as Lord Mountbatten meets an untimely end.

He’s a father figure both to Prince Philip and Prince Charles and something of a royal fixer.

But who was the real man? Read more here: Who was Lord Mountbatten and how did he die?

Did Charles and Camilla date before he married Diana?

Camilla Shand and Lady Diana Spencer appear to come into Charles’s life in quick succession in The Crown. But how close to true life is the portrayal of who knew who when?

The real Prince Charles and Camilla recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and are going strong. Read about their coming together here: Prince Charles and Camilla: Their love story

The Balmoral Test

All the royals head up to Scotland in the second episode, where new Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is invited to spend a few days, a tradition between head of government and head of state.

It seems though that the royals eyes are on the politician - and then then new young friend of Prince Charles - with particular interest in how they adapt to their surroundings.

So, is there really a 'Balmoral test' which royal girlfriends and politicians have to pass?

Enter Lady Diana Spencer

Diana seems to have won the praises of the Royal Family and the Prince of Wales is urged to make a proposal.

The shy teenager has a flat in West London with friends and a job in a nursery - which seems all too normal for a future royal.

Is it true? Did Princess Diana really once live in a flat in Earl's Court?

In the show, as Charles jets off to Australia soon after his engagement to Diana, he suggests his new fiancee gives his ex-girlfriend Camilla a call, and go for lunch, if she needs company.

It seems a strange event, but Camilla and Diana would have run in similar circles before.

Were Camilla Parker-Bowles and Princess Diana ever friends?

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Prince Charles (JOSH O CONNOR) and Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN)
Prince Charles and Diana, played by Josh O'Connor and Emma Corrin. (Netflix)

An intruder at the palace

In episode 5, the Queen has a rude awakening one morning when Michael Fagan finds his way into her bedroom.

Fagan chats to the Queen about her prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, and is not best pleased with the way the country is going.

It’s a scene which has been criticised for being overly politicised, but did the event really happen? Yes, and you can see how it’s been recalled by those there here: What really happened when Michael Fagan broke into the Queen's bedroom?

The Wales’s marriage on the rocks

The Prince and Princess of Wales, Charles and Diana, seem to have some struggles as the season reaches its mid point in episode six.

The real couple divorced in 1996, having been separated for four years. But when did the signs of trouble appear?

Read more: Prince Charles and Princess Diana: What really happened in their relationship?

Was Princess Margaret truly ill?

The party-loving princess and younger sister of the Queen is replaced in this season with an older and less vivacious Margaret, who is miserable following the break down of a relationship.

She seeks solace in Mustique, but at home is finding out her own family history is chequered.

Read about How Princess Margaret was plagued by ill health, and find out the true story about the Queen Mother’s hidden family.

Did the Queen and Margaret Thatcher fight?

The Queen comes face to face with her first female prime minister in season four with the arrival of Gillian Anderson as Thatcher.

With a decade in office, the two women would have had time to really get to know each other, as they met every week during that time.

While Thatcher’s Balmoral visits weren’t a highlight, how much of The Crown’s depiction of their squabbles is right?

Did the Queen and Margaret Thatcher really feud?

Did Diana dance on stage for her husband’s birthday?

In one of the most surprising episodes of the season, the Princess of Wales sneaks off as Charles watches a performance, to “powder her nose”.

But the next time Charles sees her, she’s on stage with Wayne Sleep, dancing to Uptown Girl.

Though it seems too good to be true, this really happened, though we don’t quite know what Charles thought.

Who is Wayne Sleep? Princess Diana's secret dance partner who performed at the Royal Opera House

Are there codewords for the royal funerals?

After Thatcher’s scare in episode four about her son Mark (he gets lost in the desert on the Dakar rally), the Queen has her own scare when an avalanche takes place when Charles is skiing.

As the Queen faces the possibility that the heir to the throne is dead, she and Philip discuss the code words used for when a royal dies.

Find out why the words are used and what else will happen when the Queen dies.

Princess Diana in New York

As the season draws to a close, Diana is starting to carve out her path and it’s not always next to her husband.

She is sent to New York on a royal tour, but Charles won’t be going with her.

However there are concerns about the princess making the trip, and they are raised by stern looking royal aides in a meeting before she heads out.

The scene has been comprehensively myth busted - by someone who was there - in Queen's former employee on Diana scene in 'The Crown' that 'didn't happen'.

The Crown S4
A royal Christmas in The Crown, season four. (Netflix)

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