The Crown Gets First Trailer


If anything can get us through the British winter, and fill the Downton-shaped hole, it’s going to be a lavishly set costume drama from Peter Morgan, the writer of the 2006 film The Queen starring Helen Mirren. The Crown, Netflix’s ambitious and most expensive show promises drama, intrigue and power politics in the 10-part series, following the early life of Queen Elizabeth II. The new full-length trailer features a young Elizabeth as she embarks on her reign as the newly crowned Queen as well as dealing with private conflicts between her new husband Prince Philip. Watch the trailer below…

What is it about?

Starting in 1947, just before the Queen ascended to the throne, the series is set to explore the first ten years of Elizabeth’s reign. Focusing on her marriage and dealing with the government, the show will follow the young Queen as she struggles to adjust to her new title as the head of the world’s famous monarchy. The trailer opens with the Queen on her honeymoon as she receives the news of her father’s death. “Long live Queen Elizabeth” are the words that echo throughout, as we are given glimpses of how her new role will impact her her new husband, Prince Philip, and affect her relationship with the prime minister, Winston Churchill. When she’s asked by Philip “Are you my wife or my Queen” on the eve of her coronation, she replies with the appropriately regal response, “I am both, and a strong man would be able to kneel to both.” We always knew she was a badass.

Why is everyone talking about it?

The Crown is the most expensive TV show ever made, with Netflix having spent £100m on its 10-episode first season. To put that into context, that’s more than a season of Game of Thrones, while Downton Abbey seems like a bargain in comparison. A generous portion of the nine figure sum was used on the wardrobe - the replica of the Queen’s wedding gown reportedly cost more than the original dress…

Who’s in it?

The show has assembled an impressive cast, which includes Wolf Hall actress Claire Foy playing the newly-wed Queen Elizabeth II. Former Doctor Who star Matt Smith plays her Prince Philip while John Lithgow takes on the role of Winston Churchill. Mad Men star Jared Harris plays Elizabeth’s father King George VI, Victoria Hamilton as the Queen Mother and Vanessa Kirby takes on the role of her younger sister, Princess Margaret. Now that’s a stellar line-up to be excited about!

When’s it out?

All 10 episodes of The Crown will arrive on Netflix on November 4, each lasting an hour. Perfect viewing material to escape the winter!

Will there be another season?

The show has already been renewed for a second season, though if the producers have it their way, the series will go on for a total of six seasons, spanning 60 episodes. But don’t expect Foy and Smith to carry on their roles with prosthetics - more age-appropriate actors are likely to be brought in to bring the Queen’s story up to date.