The Ecstasy of Gold//The Playlist for Rio 2016.


My name’s Manon Williams, and i’m a newly introduced music blogger for Yahoo! This first post is in relevance to Rio 2016.

The Olympic games have arrived, and the response has been electric. This year we celebrate the games in one of the most colourful, vibrant and music orientated countries around. Rio de Janeiro. The opening ceremony signified the start of the games, and provided both the crowd and global viewers with a spectacle of Samba, Jazz and…rap inspired music.

The wide range of Samba inspired tunes has influenced me into creating a double playlist. So, i’ve compiled a series of hits, one featuring the musicians you’ll hear all throughout the games, and the second being my own version, featuring classic hits from The Prodigy, Madness and The Kinks. So let’s get to it.

This playlist concentrates on the lively Samba music that echoes all across Brazil, up every alley and down every street. Quick and lively beats, that will make you want to stop and move your feet.

This second playlist is a mix-up of older and newer bands. The Prodigy//Firestarter is a classic for any opening ceremony, whilst Flick of The Finger by Beady Eye or Horror Show by the British Royalists, The Libertines are some of the more unknown tunes to represent a National Sporting Event. None the less, it’s all quality music that’ll do good for your earholes. You might even find a new band you like!
So, that’s it.

All the best, Manon.