Viewers claim The Jury: Murder Trial feels 'false' and full of 'wannabes'

Some people suggested the trial didn't feel realistic

The Jury: Murder Trial (Channel 4)
The Jury: Murder Trial (Channel 4)

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The Jury: Murder Trial has come under fire from TV viewers who have suggested the process didn't feel realistic.

Channel 4’s new series recreates a real murder trial using actors, with two separate juries tasked with working out if a man is guilty of murdering his wife with a hammer. Filmed in a former courthouse in Essex, the programme shines the spotlight on the British justice system.

It started on Monday (26 February), and while some viewers were gripped, others said they spotted flaws as they watched the jurors mull over the case.

What, how, and why?

“This is so false,” one posted on X. “The jury would be with other people, possibly on other juries, during breaks and are instructed not to discuss the trial like this. They are formulating opinions before hearing evidence. I've done jury service, it's not like this.”

Pictured (L-R) : Defence Junior - Mr Michael Day (Edward Wolstenholme), Defence Barrister Xavier Ahmad QC (Christopher Simpson), Court Clerk (Sonya Orlav) (Channel 4)
Some viewers think the show is unrealistic. (Channel 4)

Another asked: “Would a real jury stop every five minutes to discuss the case?” “This programme isn't showing the jury system as it is,” said someone else. “It's playing to a Whodunnit TV audience & making jury service look like a Big Brother experience.”

"As I expected. Just wannabes playing up for the camera," sniped someone else.

“Admittedly I know a hell of a lot more on US court processes than UK but pretty sure they shouldn’t be talking in the box let alone when out of the courtroom meaning this entire experiment is void from the off…” said someone else.

One wrote: “It's an interesting programme, but why oh why can't they get the barristers' clothing right? Defence counsel hasn't even got a proper collar.”

“Sadly The Jury resembles the court proceedings of Judge Rinder more than a real social experiment,” quipped another viewer.

“The setup in the jury room is not conducive to serious group discussion amongst everyone,” pointed out one viewer. “Everyone should hear what everyone else has to say. Shame as doesn’t seem too realistic from that perspective.”

Pictured (L-R): Liberty, Lorell, Ollie, Sonia, WIlliam, Emily, Jodie, Junior, Aaron, Sacha. (Channel 4)
The show is based on a real case. (Channel 4)

Another chimed in: “Having served on four juries, I can tell you it is nothing like the wannabes making up these juries. Every judge directed us NOT to research, chat outside the jury room, speculate, guess, say anything unless all 12 of us were there, etc. Follow the EVIDENCE.”

Viewers unconvinced about jury secret

In the show, the two juries are sat side by side in special boxes that allow them to see what’s happening in front of them – but not each other. However, a few viewers questioned whether they were actually unaware of the other jury.

“How do they not see the other jury in the reflection of the judges and barristers' glasses?” asked one. “Especially with those big lights hanging over both juries.”

Pictured: RED JURY - Top Row L-R: Gary, Victoria, Diana, Ricky, Chris, Neil..Bottom row L-R: Rosie, Richard, Kelly, Keith, Emily, Luca...BLUE JURY - Top Row L-R: Hilary, Aaron, Sonia, Jodie, Liberty,Adam.Bottom row L-R: Ollie, Sacha, Lorell, Emily, William, Junior. (Channel 4)
The juries are in separate boxes. (Channel 4)

Another said it didn’t seem “plausible” that they didn’t know about each other. “A lot of actors in the court room are wearing glasses,” they added.

However, other people were intrigued by the format and said that The Jury was an “interesting” watch and that they would be tuning in to see what happened next. “It’s so bloody good!” remarked one fan.

“Absolutely worth watching ‘live’ - especially as this is stripped across the week… already have goosebumps,” said another impressed viewer.

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