The OED is thinking about adding a batch of Trumpisms

Trumpkin is among the words being considered for inclusion [Guy Bell/REX/Shutterstock]

The Oxford English Dictionary is considering fast-tracking a host of new Trump-related words into its hallowed pages.

Words like trumpertantrum, trumpkin and trumponomics are entering common parlance as Trump’s week-old presidency takes hold.

Usually words have to be in common use for several years before lexicographers will consider them worthy of entering the dictionary, but the OED thinks this new vocabulary speaks to the historical upheaval of the day.

Trumponomics (his economic policy), trumpertantrum (multi-part Twitter rants) and trumpkin (a pumpkin carved to resemble the president) are just three of the words being considered.

“Not everything we log will satisfy our inclusion criteria and some of them are likely to be relatively short-lived,”Eleanor Maier, OED associate editor, told The Guardian.

“But it means we have a record of the usage and a place to add evidence and developments.”

Some of the other Trump-related additions being considered are Trumpflation (potential inflation due to Trump’s economic policies), Trumpist (a Trump supporter), Trumpette (a female Trumpist) and Trumpista (a lesser-spotted Hispanic Trumpist).

Words relating to other recent political events, including “alt-right” and “Brexit”, were added to the OED last year.