The Traitors' Andrew Jenkins 'pronounced dead' after horrific crash 23 years ago

"The doctors call me a miracle patient."

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The Traitors series 2 contestant Andrew Jenkins. (Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)

The Traitors star Andrew Jenkins is lucky to be alive.

Currently on our screens trying to decipher the Traitors mystery in the Scottish Highlands - Paul Gorton, Harry Clarke and Miles Asteri are the hooded killers this series, having lost Ash Pollard to the roundtable vote - gym bunny Jenkins has recounted a terrible car accident that saw him pronounced dead at the scene by medics, having discovered the Welshman at the side of the road 23 years ago.

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"I was in a coma for nearly five weeks," said the Faithful. "My parents were told I'd never walk ever again, I had brain damage and that there's a chance of me not waking up from my coma.

"My parents were told that if I did wake up, I'd never walk, talk or use my arms again, and I may not recognise them. They were told to prepare for the worst. There are lots of things that happened to me, and the doctors call me a miracle patient."

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Claudia Winkleman hosts the murder-mystery reality show. (Studio Lambert/Mark Mainz)

In 2023, Jenkins, whose scars are most visible on the back of his head, came face-to-face with the man who saved his life for the very first time, describing their exchange as a "very emotional thing".

"I met him and I shook his hand and said, 'Thank you for saving my life.' There are not many people out there who get a chance to see somebody who saved their life and say thank you."

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Further reflecting on his near-death experience, the reality TV star admitted doing The Traitors was a way of stepping out of his comfort zone after "going through a personal growth journey".

Jenkins explained: "I've been a Steady Eddy all my life I suppose, never taking any risks or challenges. You only have one life, and I know that more than anyone. Your life is short, and it can get taken away at any moment.

"I live my life as best I can and take as many opportunities as possible that come my way."

The Traitors continues Wednesday, 17 January on BBC One at 9pm.

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