Has The Traitors' Paul been rumbled by the Faithfuls?

Some of the faithfuls have started to suspect Paul and shared their concerns at breakfast

The Traitors' Paul stars on the BBC show
Has The Traitors' Paul been rumbled by the Faithfuls? (BBC)

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The Traitors' Faithfuls have begun to start suspecting Paul in the BBC game show.

It was revealed the redhead Traitor was the most popular contestant and it really boosted his confidence, so much so he decided to "condemn" himself in the dungeon. Episode four saw four people - Paul, Ash, Meg and Andrew - condemned to the dungeon and one of them would be murdered by the Traitors.

In a big twist, traitor Paul thought it was a clever "double bluff" to go into the dungeon himself - although he could not be murdered by a Traitor. As he was revealed as the most popular contestant, he thought he would be saved by the others - however, this was not the case and they chose to save Andrew.

But among the Faithfuls, Zak and Jaz dared to voice their concerns that Paul could secretly be a Traitor. Both Faithfuls had no qualms sharing their thoughts with the other stars at the breakfast and they explained their reasons to why they had come to this conclusion.

What, how and why?

Zak has begun to suspect Paul on The Traitors. (BBC)
Zak has begun to suspect Paul on The Traitors. (BBC)

At the breakfast table, Zak said he thought Paul could be a Traitor because he's "very calm, very collected and very intelligent". He believed everyone wasn't considering Paul as a Traitor because he was so well liked in the group. His thoughts were shared in a safe space with fellow faithful Ross and with Harry who is secretly a Traitor.

The Faithful explained: "I think it could be Paul. I've had this vision for a couple of days. I think it's someone who is very calm, very collected, very intelligent, and I think he's going under the radar because everyone really likes him." Harry simply responded "yeah" without adding any further comment to the topic.

Jaz has been suspicious of Paul's 'oozing confidence' on The Traitors. (BBC)
Jaz has been suspicious of Paul's 'oozing confidence' on The Traitors. (BBC)

Across the table, Jaz was sharing why he suspected Paul after the news emerged that he had been condemned. The Faithful was suspicious of Paul's "oozing confidence". He said: "The thing with Paul I feel like all of us are a little bit shaky and a bit nervy. But that guy, every time I see him he's oozing with confidence."

Sat with a small group of people, secret Traitor and vet Miles sneakily agreed with Jaz's thoughts. But not everyone has Paul pegged as a Traitor. Mollie told her friends at breakfast: "At the moment I don't think it's Paul or Andrew."

What happened on The Traitors?

Claudia Winkleman fronts The Traitors. (BBC)
Claudia Winkleman fronts The Traitors. (BBC)

Episode three had ended on a cliffhanger as viewers waited patiently to find out whether Brian or Ash was going home. Brian was the first to be banished in episode four, with Anthony sending him home with the final vote.

However, Ash didn't escape as she was later voted out in the next nail-biting roundtable. She had condemned herself with Paul, Meg and Andrew but this move only cemented the idea that Ash was a Traitor in everyone's minds.

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