The Traitors star shares biggest mistake everyone makes

The Traitors exclusive interview with Jonny Holloway

Jonny revealed the biggest mistake the stars were making on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Jonny revealed the biggest mistake the stars were making on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

The Traitors star Jonny Holloway revealed the one mistake that many of the faithfuls were making when trying to catch the traitors.

Having made it to about halfway through the game before everyone turned on him at the roundtable and banished him, the reality star now reflected on his experiences of taking part. The star, who was previously in the army, was able to pinpoint what went wrong for most of the faithfuls so far and the biggest traps they were setting for themselves.

"It shows you can go off the wrong narrative straight from the start," he told Yahoo. "You can get tunnel visioned into that and you're focusing on completely the wrong people when the traitors are just sort of going, ‘AAAH’ and they can see us doing that and I think it all comes down to if you pick too soon in the game and you think someone's a traitor from the start, maybe ignore that or put it at the back and focus on the other people."

He further explained: "Because I noticed a lot of people were just getting tunnel visioned on one person, especially myself. I did the same with Ross. And I mean, he was holding a secret and now Ross has become a great asset for team traitors."

Having had a lot of life experience, Jonny was sure it stood him in good stead for the reality series. He said: "I've certainly got a lot of life experience within the army, my time after the army and I've definitely been around lots of different people and seen lots of different people from different backgrounds, different values, different standards."

He added: "And I think that certainly prepared me for the different types of people that you could meet, you could meet some really horrible people, you could meet some really nice people. The problem with this game is everyone was genuinely so lovely. It was really hard."

Spotting The Traitors

Claudia Winkleman stood with two cloaked figures from The Traitors
The Traitors has gripped the nation. (BBC)

Having played the TV show as a faithful, Jonny initially said he was going to look out for particular characteristics. But then the star realised quite quickly that some people have "traitor energy in real life". He said: "Yes initially, then I realised that doesn't work because one thing I realised is you can have traitor energy in real life. So you're picking up on things that you think could be traitor behaviour. But then you realise, 'Oh, no, that's, that might just be their characteristics.'

"They might just show themselves that way slightly. So you have nothing to go on is what it feels like unless someone slips up and goes: yeah and the traitor’s meeting - I mean faithful's meeting the other day. You’ve really got nothing. That’s what makes it so hard."

The group also were looking for who was truly being themselves and who was playing a game but Jonny pointed out the fatal flaw with this plan. "I say the question to you is, how if you've never met someone before, how do you know what they're like?" He pondered.

Brian starring on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Brian starring on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

Earlier on in the game, everyone turned on Brian Davidson after he grew increasingly worried at the roundtable and he was openly asking people who suspected him - turning the attention on himself. Jonny explained everyone thought at this point Brian was playing a game.

Jonny further elaborated: "A perfect example of that is what happened with Brian. Bless him because he was getting so anxious and so that we all thought he was pretending to be like that, we thought it was acting to be like that.

"Then when we found out it was all real raw emotion. We were like, 'Oh my goodness, this poor guy.' In our heads, we thought he was pretending to be someone he's not. In reality, no he wasn't. That's just how he is."

'The Traitors certainly feels impossible'

Jaz Singh has become one of the most popular contestants on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)
Jaz Singh has become one of the most popular contestants on The Traitors. (Studio Lambert)

As the faithfuls have nothing concrete to go on, Jonny acknowledged at times the game can feel "impossible" when trying to work out who the traitors really are. "It certainly feels impossible and it feels like you've got the short end of the straw being a faithful," he said. "It feels like the traitors have the power, they're confident because they know they're not getting murdered at night."

However, Jonny said it wasn't completely impossible as he praised his co-star and fellow faithful Jaz Singh - who has been dubbed Jazatha Christie for his ability to find the traitors who are hiding in plain sight including Paul Gorton. Jonny further added: "I don't think it's impossible though. Look at Jaz calling all the names out at the minute. I don't know what his secret potion is."

The Traitors stars with secret connections

Diane and Ross are mother and son. (BBC)
The Traitors stars Diane and Ross are mother and son. (BBC)

Out of the game now, Jonny said there was "no way" anyone would have any reason to suspect that Diane and Ross were real life mother and son. "Absolutely no way in a million years," he said of anyone having any reason to suspect them.

"Especially because Zack had already started that rumour that Paul," he explained. "You wouldn't put the accents together. And at this point it's like, 'Yeah, I don't think they've got any sort of secret relationships or anything in it this year' and we just kind of joked about it and then bang and we were like, 'Oh my God, how did you not see it when you see them now?'" Having met up since, he said: "We're now seeing Ross and his mum whereas before we saw them as Ross and Diane... It's just getting your head around it."

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