The Traitors' Diane reveals husband found out she was on the show by accident

Fan fave Diane was 'murdered' on the BBC show

Watch The Traitors' Diane reveals husband found out she was on the show by accident

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The Traitors’ Diane has revealed her husband only found out she was on the show because her audition accidentally played in his car via Bluetooth.

The former teacher was a fan favourite on the BBC game and her dramatic ‘murder’ left viewers saying they were “devastated” and needed time off work. However, she has now admitted she only applied for a “laugh” but just kept getting further and further through the application process.

Diane kept her family in the dark to start with, so her hubby got a shock when he found out what she was up to.

What, how, and why?

The TV star opened up on This Morning after her show exit, telling hosts Josie Gibson and Dermot O’Leary: “I applied for a laugh, just to sort of show my kids I could do it because I said I would be… I wouldn’t be quiet, I wouldn’t blend into the background, I’d be gobby, I’d be opinionated… and then one of them flippantly sent me an application form last January.

Diane took a sip from the poisoned cup. (BBC screengrab)
Diane applied for the show for 'a laugh'. (BBC screengrab)

“I’d only watched one episode and I thought, ‘I can do this’. I thought, even if I just filled in the form and then did my wee video application I could show that to them. But I just kept getting through the rounds!” Diane said she only told one friend and her hairdresser, adding: “My hubby found out by accident - he found out accidentally! “Basically the audition, Bluetooth went into the car and he was in it. So he found out that way!”

The TV star said she thoroughly enjoyed the Traitors experience although it was “mentally exhausting”. “It’s hard, it definitely is hard,” she said. “But still fun.”

Diane appeared on ITV's This Morning. (ITV screengrab)
Diane appeared on ITV's This Morning. (ITV screengrab)

Diane would like to return to The Traitors

Diane, who was a Faithful, was killed off after taking a sip from a "poisoned chalice" that she thought was just some wine. Gripping scenes saw her dying a slow death then going through a funeral after she drank from the cup.

She said she would return to the programme “in a heartbeat” if it was a possibility. But asked if she would do anything differently, she said she would like to be a Traitor. “I wouldn’t tell Miles that I could never be a Traitor because I would like to be recruited actually,” she said. “I still think I’d need to go in and establish myself as who I am as a person... then I can be honest and then that would sort of give me a secure foundation.

“And then I could be a Traitor. I didn’t think I could be but the more of us that were being killed I thought, ‘Do you know what? I can do this and get you!’”

Diane was killed off on The Traitors. (BBC screengrab)
Diane in her coffin on The Traitors. (BBC screengrab)

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