The Voice: Final four in a knockout first half

It all comes down to this weekend and the finalists didn’t disappoint.

The coaches set the show in motion with a George Michael tribute, all so different vocally yet bringing it together on Freedom.

It seems most of us were distracted by the outfits though: fresh off the set of A Clockwork Orange, Tom as Colonel Sanders and Jennifer as the coconut Quality Street. Money can’t buy you everything it seems, including a decent stylist.

It was Jamie to start, the complete Pop Star Package and proving it again with Bieber’s What Do You Mean. There’s a plethora of young, male stars at present and he can slot right in – with the right material. He’s a lovely lad so fingers crossed he gets the support when the show is over.

Into the Ark are already building their fan base with sold out gigs and bring a different energy to Alicia Key’s No One. I’m not sure it would knock the neutrals out enough but the harmonies are first class and they’re so humble.

If you closed your eyes you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in church – Michelle lent Purple Rain a beautiful gospel feel but sometimes, less is more. The powerful but nevertheless slightly screamy second half put a lot of people off.

A big up for Mo’s teacher, Mr.Mackenzie. Everyone needs a teacher like him. Mo delivered Swedish House Mafia’s Don’t You Worry Child, again making someone else’s song pure, original Mo.

There’s one factor linking all four finalists this year: They’re all nice, likeable people. I’ve seen few negative comments – critique on the performances yes, but not the personal attacks Twitter can get carried away with.

First duet takes on Running by Beyonce and Naughty Boy. Jamie looked relieved when Jennifer said she’d be Beyonce. Initially appearing blown away by his coach in rehearsal, Jamie did well to hold his own, confident and musical in his solo sections.

They boys were bubbling over with excitement, and almost slightly hysterical as Tom reeled off the people he’d previously duetted with: Stevie, Aretha etc. A Sam and Dave soul classic Hold On I’m Coming was the song choice and who couldn’t help but love that?

Once Mo remembered to breathe, he and Jennifer showed how to do powerful without overpowering, with Beneath You’re Beautiful by Emeli Sande and Labrinth. We’re heading into foregone conclusion territory now – he had double the vote of the others in my Twitter poll.

Michelle and Will were great fun, and Michelle is superb, but I found I Feel For You a bit by-the-numbers. I think Will let her down a bit with song choices if I’m honest, like they got stuck in a time warp of Back In The Day. At least she is already in the music industry and will no doubt continue.

It came as no surprise except to the neutrals and Michelle fans that she was the first to leave the final, with @AndyGilder pretty much summing it up:

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Heading into tonight’s final, can Into the Ark and Jamie overhaul Mo (currently at 67%)? My new poll is pinned to my profile @Scattyjan if you want to even things up a bit:

We’re back again for more performances and the final verdict tonight, 7pm.