Theo Paphitis responds after Nigel Farage raises concerns about sanctions

Watch: Nigel Farage is not sure about sanctions on Russian oligarchs

Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis said Russian oligarchs are “fair game”, after Nigel Farage expressed concerns about sanctions.

The former UKIP leader shared his thoughts on GB News after the government imposed sanctions on several people, including Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, amid the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

“Is it right to seize people’s assets without any form, any sense of due process?” he asked.

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“And will it really turn Russians against Vladimir Putin? I’m concerned about the way in which this is being done.”

Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis speaks at the launch of the Smarta website in central London.
Theo Paphitis shared his thoughts on GB News. (PA)

Paphitis - the former chairman of Millwall Football Club – then chimed in: “Hold on Nigel.

"Remember why they are doing this. There’s no due process about moving into Ukraine and bombing innocent civilians.”

The TV star went on: “The fact is, the government - which as you know I’m not a massive fan of - have got very few weapons in their armory in regards to this situation, and one of them is sanctions, it’s the biggest one.”

“Sanctions are important, oligarchs that have got influence over their President, are definitely fair game,” he added.

Nigel Farage speaks to pro-Brexit supporters in Parliament Square, London, as the UK prepares to leave the European Union, ending 47 years of close and sometimes uncomfortable ties to Brussels.
Nigel Farage spoke on on GB News. (PA)

Farage’s comments also sparked a reaction among viewers.

“Farage is making stuff up,” one person tweeted. “Sanctions are subject to judicial review.”

Another called Farage the “patron saint of s*** causes”.

“I'm sorry for use of language here, but @Nigel_Farage can f*** off," said another. "Sanctions are imposed under very strict rules.”

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However, another person tweeted: “I am no fan of the man.

"But to be fair he is questioning the legal process, not the principle of sanctions. I suspect you see Nigel Farage first, then hear his words second.”