15 Of The Most Embarrassingly Horrendous "Oops, My Bad" Moments Of All Time

1.The time this person should have double-checked their zeros before bidding on a 2014 Toyota:

2014 Toyota Rav4 LE auction with a high bid of $70,203. Bidders' list and vehicle images shown
u/Punningisfunning / reddit.com

2.The time this Airbnb owner tried to hike up their price after it was already booked at a lower rate:

Screenshot of a conversation where Christian apologizes for increasing the price of his place to $100 per night due to high demand
u/atlasduck /reddit.com

...However, the person who booked it knew better and referred the owner to the site's reservation policy. That's when they came back groveling, trying not to look greedy:

Screenshot of a text conversation discussing an Airbnb reservation price and a mix-up in message recipients, featuring texts from Christian and another person
u/atlasduck /reddit.com

3.The time this person thought it would be acceptable to drop what may or may not be the real length of their penis:

Text conversation where a user asks about height and gives a confusing answer, later clarifies it was a typo and states their correct height as 6 feet 2 inches
u/ergoegthatis / reddit.com

4.The time this person gifted everyone in their family $50 AMC gift cards but ripped off the barcode at the bottom so the cards were worthless:

Hand holding an AMC gift card valued between $25-$100, in front of a computer setup
u/m5online / reddit.com

5.The time this delivery driver tried to make a dirty joke to hit on this person and tried to cover it up by blaming their teen:

Text message exchange: Person 1 apologizes for their child's inappropriate message. Person 2 updates about unavailable Haagen-Dazs ice cream flavor and its replacement
u/honeybunz916 / reddit.com

6.The time this person posted a video showing off in their IG story but then deleted it and followed it up with this lie:

  u/AbdulAhBlongatta / reddit.com
u/AbdulAhBlongatta / reddit.com

7.The time this person tried to slide in as a third-wheeler, got laughed at, then make this aggressive text to cover it up:

Text conversation: One person jokingly invites another to hang out. The other responds seriously, expressing anger and strong dislike, ending with a curse and refusal
u/ergoegthatis / reddit.com

8.The time this person had video court to defend this person's citation, and they accidentally sent this:

A screenshot of text messages discussing a dream, asking to disregard a message, and providing information for attending a Magistrate Court Zoom meeting with a link
u/gasmschunes / reddit.com

9.The time this person decided to drop an unsolicited dick pic, pretending it was an accident:

A screenshot of a Facebook Messenger conversation where someone (name covered) apologizes for sending a message to the wrong person. The recipient responds accusing them of unblocking and intentionally sending an inappropriate photo
u/blasphemicassault / reddit.com

10.And the other time this person tried to make this pitiful cover-up for random dick pics:

A messaging exchange where one person anxiously says they hope they stopped sending bad pictures. The other replies they didn't receive any, and it's gross to keep private photos
u/ergoegthatis / reddit.com

11.The time this college was trying to look credible and enticing for students, but they made this major mistake:

A promotional flyer from Roanoke College encouraging students to turn their potential into purpose, featuring two cat figurines
u/bitemy / reddit.com

12.The time this person tried to send a blunt message pretending it was an accident but it was too obvious:

Image of a chat where one person says, "this is why i stopped talking to you." Other messages discuss sending photos, spoilers, and ask about episode progress
u/CroatianComplains / reddit.com

13.The time this person was leading on one tattoo shop but went with another but then got confused and did this:

Screenshot of a Facebook Messenger conversation between a user and Inky Blinders Custom Tattoo. The user mistakenly booked another studio
u/Disrobingbean / reddit.com

14.The time this person assumed Kate would like their little spelling change — turns out they did not:

A text conversation on a dating app where one person jokes about the other's grammatical error, saying "Locate a goddamn dictionary and try again," and the other replies, "Like your name... like Kate... lo-kate-d."
u/ergoegthatis / reddit.com

15.And, finally, the time this person probably did just make an honest typo...but we will never truly know:

Dating app chat with Addie. Addie is complimented on outfits but asked an inappropriate question. Addie responds humorously with "points for the intro."
u/Okay-sweet / reddit.com